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Why is my skylight leaking?

Anything installed into your roofing system needs to be sealed properly. Energy Shield of New Hampshire is answering a lot of calls from worried homeowners across New Hampshire. Among these calls are a list of customers with leaky skylights. 

Why is my skylight leaking? Well, there are several factors that Energy Shield of New Hampshire applies to a skylight install when entrusted by homeowners as their roofing contractor. 

#1 is the proper weather protection down on the decking before the install? To learn more take a look at the proper install page HERE

#2 is the skylight flashed properly? Flashing a skylight, a chimney or any other interruption in the roofing system needs to be properly flashed aka as sealed. If it is not when rain comes, leaks will come. To inspect your home for leaks be sure to check out our homeowner inspection guide

#3 is that your skylight is old. The gaskets have worn out, the sealant has cracked, or the skylight is broken. Many homeowners want to keep their skylights when having their roofing system replaced to cut costs. Often times after educating the homeowner on the importance of keeping the integrity of the roofing system strong they decided that a few hundred dollars is worth the replacement of their skylights. 

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