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Wakefield Bridge™ Steel Shingles

Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles

Metal roofing has been around for more than a century. Used originally for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, today’s metal roofing also comes in steel shingles in a variety of attractive contemporary colours.

Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are manufactured from new and recycled steel. Unlike common asphalt shingles made from fossil fuels, they aren’t subject to the fluctuations of world market oil prices. Contrary to discarded asphalt shingles clogging our landfill sites, they are entirely recyclable.

Unlike regular steel roofing panels, the Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are designed with four interlocking sides and an integrated nailing strip, which gives a clean appearance with no exposed fasteners.

Our steel shingles are protected by our proven oven-baked Polyvinyledene Fluoride (PVDF) paint system with Kynar 500® resin and the most advanced “Cool Roof®” solar reflection technology ensuring exceptional protection from solar radiation and reducing the cost of summer air-conditioning.


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Wakefield Bridge steel Shingles
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