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Wakefield Bridge™ Steel Shingles

Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles

Metal Roofing for a Modern World

Although metal roofing is over 100 years old, it has a contemporary edge in both looks and functionality. Metal roofing has come a long way since its traditional use on commercial and agricultural structures. One example is steel shingles, known for their durability and curb appeal.


Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are an excellent choice of metal roofing for a modern world. Where asphalt shingles are created using fossil fuels, Wakefield Bridge makes their steel shingles from new and recycled steel. These shingles are 100% recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles, which end up in landfills.


Another earth-friendly feature of these steel shingles is their Cool Roof® solar reflective technology. This cuts down your cooling costs every summer. While you’re saving money, you’re also helping out the environment by saving energy.


On top of eco-friendliness, Wakefield Bridge steel shingles have a sleek design that elevates the look of your property. You’ll see no exposed fasteners on these shingles because of their integrated nailing system and interlocking sides.


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Wakefield Bridge steel Shingles

Steel Shingles in New Hampshire that Last Winter after Winter

Here in New Hampshire, we experience long and snowy winters with freezing temperatures. How will steel shingles work in such weather?

Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. Where gusts of wind, heavy rains, icy conditions, and more can completely ruin an asphalt shingle roof, steel will stay in place through it all. That’s why it’s a great choice to go for steel shingles in New Hampshire!

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A Worry-Free Experience

There is much more peace of mind involved in choosing Wakefield Bridge steel shingles. These are a minimum of 60% lighter than asphalt shingles. Even being less heavy, they outlast other types of roofing, including aluminum, slate, wood, clay tiles, asphalt, and more.

Steel shingles will aid you in cutting down your energy costs each month with their weather protection. They are also low maintenance, meaning you don’t have to fret over replacing and repairing as frequently as other types of roofing. Unlike asphalt shingles, you won’t have to worry about things like cracking or deterioration with Wakefield Bridge steel shingles. The 50-year transferable warranty means you’ll be worry free for many years to come.

Asphalt vs. Steel: What's more Affordable?

On first glance, it’s noticeable that asphalt shingles are going to be cheaper to install than steel. However, steel shingles are strong for the long run, making them well worth a higher initial price. Here are 3 reasons steel will bring you a return on your investment:


Higher Property Value
A sturdy and appealing roof like steel gives your home a better resale value if and when you are ready to sell. On top of their high performance and beauty, steel shingles are also energy-efficient, making this type of roofing a desirable choice all around.


Save on Roofing Removal
If you have asphalt shingles already, there’s no need to worry about the costs involved with removing and disposing of that old roofing material. Steel shingles can go right on top because of their lightness, making installation that much easier.


Can Last a Lifetime

Because of their lasting power, Wakefield Bridge steel shingles may be the roof you have for the rest of your life! These shingles last 4-5x longer than asphalt. If you think about the cost of multiple asphalt shingle roof replacements compared to the price difference if you’d opted for steel in the first place, steel is a much better option financially.

Avoid the Cost of Frequent Re-Roofing

If you’re shelling out a few (or many) thousand dollars to replace your asphalt roof every 15-30 years, you’re ultimately going to spend more than a one-and-done steel shingle installation. Not to mention inflation will cause material prices to rise and multiple re-roofing jobs is a headache no one wants. Avoid the cost of frequent re-roofing and opt for Wakefield Bridge steel shingles in New Hampshire!

Why Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles Are The Future

Let's recap on why Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are an excellent option for those who want a long-lasting roof.

Durable in Many Ways

Wakefield Bridge steel shingles resist rust and winds up to 150 mph. They don’t shed granules, chip, peel, rot, or crack. They can withstand many types of extreme weather, including hail, burning embers, and acid rain.

Better Than Other Roofing Materials

Aside from asphalt, steel shingles also outperform the more expensive aluminum roofing. Aluminum oxidizes and dents much easier.

Curb Appeal

These shingles are lightweight and blend seamlessly with the other beautiful homes in your neighborhood. They come in a variety of finishes for your desired look.

No Fossil Fuel Price Worries

Since Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are composed of new and recycled steel, they are not susceptible to the roller coaster of fossil fuel prices.


Unlike asphalt shingles which end up in landfill, Wakefield Bridge steel shingles are fully recyclable.

An Investment That Pays Off

Having a high quality roof is an investment that pays off in many ways. Whether it’s avoiding expensive roof issues down the road, saving on energy bills, or increasing your property value, it’s well worth the higher initial cost.

Energy Shield of New Hampshire: Your Trusted Installer of Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingles

When considering all these factors, steel shingles are a very attractive option. So why do some contractors and sales reps discourage them?

This is due to the possibility that they have little experience with high-quality roofing materials. Due to this, they may be unable to provide you with an accurate quote, locate qualified professionals for standing seam installation, or perform said installation properly. Metal roofing installation requires more expertise and artistry than a straightforward asphalt roof installation.

That’s why it’s important to find a trusted contractor with the skill, experience, and resources to give you a fantastic installation. Energy Shield of New Hampshire has been providing beautiful and high-performance roofing solutions for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship on a variety of projects. No project is too big or small for us! Get in touch today for your free inspection and estimate.

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