The Solar Installation Process

Here are the steps we go through to install solar in New Hampshire



Total time: 1-2 days based on the size of your solar array

The racking process is the most important aspect of the solar install. Racking is the structure that is secured to your roofing system to hold the weight of the solar panels. This is also the design layout for how the solar panels will be installed. Energy Shield of New Hampshire installs racking to ensure the strongest structural support while creating the most aesthetically pleasing install possible.



Total time: 1 day based on the size of your solar array

Once the racking is installed the wiring is completed. The wiring is a process of creating a plug in connection for each panel to be installed. The wiring for solar arrays are interconnected, meaning each panel is connected to the next to ensure all power generated is passed through to the inverters.


Panel Install

Total time: 1-2 days based on the size of your solar array

The panel installation is when it all seems to come together for home owners. This phase of the install involves securing the panels to the racking and connecting each panel to the wiring.


Inverter Install

Total time: 1 day but is based on the size of your solar array

Inverters convert the DC power generated by your solar array to AC power which is passed back to the electrical grid. AC power is what powers all aspects of your living needs. Inverters can be installed inside or outside of the home. The installation location is based on the homeowners wishes combined with the desired space needed and the maximum efficiency of your system.



Total time: 1-3 weeks based on the utility companies' availability

The interconnection is the final phase of getting your solar array turned on. This is the process of connecting your solar system to the Utility Company so that your generated energy can be passed back to the electrical grid.


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"This was a big job. Three buildings with multiple roof pitches. Josh was on time and got the job done before he thought he would get it done. The crew was very professional; no smoking, no loud music blaring and cleaned up beautifully. I highly recommend this company."
Eric M.
"Called on a Sunday evening hoping to just leave a message... got an immediate call back (5 min) and scheduled a roof inspection the next day. AMAZING service! Never had a company respond so fast and so professionally - in 48 hours the roof was completely repaired and at a very affordable cost. Couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommend."
Brad M.
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