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Solar Roof Installation - Lakes Region

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we help home owners in the Lakes Region create energy-efficient homes through solar roof installation. Whether you’re just exploring the possibility of solar roofing or actively looking for roofing, we’ve got you covered.

40+ Years of Industry Experience

We've been serving homeowners in the Lakes Region with their roofing installation needs for over 40 years.

FREE Inspections & Estimates

We offer free, in-depth inspections and estimates so you have the best idea of your expected costs for a solar roof.

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We pride ourselves on our crew of friendly, knowledgeable, professional team members.

What Are The Advantages of a Solar Roof?

Depending on a few different factors such as the orientation of your home and the pitch of your roof, your home in the Lakes Region could greatly benefit from solar roofing installation.

Lower Energy Bills

Solar roofing costs money upfront, but can save you a lot of money in energy costs in the long term. Depending on a few factors, your monthly energy bill could drop significantly!

Environmentally Friendly

Generating electricity for your home by harnessing the power of the sun not only allows you to tap into a clean, eco-friendly source of energy, but also cuts down on your carbon footprint.

Increase Property Value

A solar roofing system is an asset that can increase the resale value of your home. Not only will potential buyers appreciate the solar setup, but they will also greatly appreciate their lowered energy bills!

Energy Independence

Generating most (or all) of your power needs through solar energy is a great way to become energy independent and free yourself from the sharply rising costs of energy through a utility provider.

The Energy Shield Advantage

For over 40 years now, Energy Shield of New Hampshire has worked to serve home owners and business owners alike in the Lakes Region with all of their exterior renovation needs, ranging from roof inspection to roof repair, roof replacement, solar roof installation, and much more! No job is too big or too small for our experienced, professional crew members, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to top-notch craftsmanship and customer service. Experience the Energy Shield difference for yourself, and schedule a FREE roof inspection to learn more about how your home might benefit from solar roof installation!


Our Happy Clients

"This was a big job. Three buildings with multiple roof pitches. Josh was on time and got the job done before he thought he would get it done. The crew was very professional; no smoking, no loud music blaring and cleaned up beautifully. I highly recommend this company."
Eric M.
"Called on a Sunday evening hoping to just leave a message... got an immediate call back (5 min) and scheduled a roof inspection the next day. AMAZING service! Never had a company respond so fast and so professionally - in 48 hours the roof was completely repaired and at a very affordable cost. Couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommend."
Brad M.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Roof Installation

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about solar roof installation in the Lakes Region:
Does solar actually work in New Hampshire?

Absolutely! In fact, in New Hampshire we get 33% more sunlight than Germany, which is a world leader in solar adoption! Thanks to improvements in solar technology and our advanced modeling techniques, it is often possible to offset 100% of your electric bill using solar panels on your roof!

Are there tax incentives for going solar?

Yes, although these incentives may vary depending on your specific situation. There’s currently a 25% federal tax credit for solar available, in addition to state rebates (subject to availability) and renewable energy credits (RECS)

How do I know if my home is a good fit for solar?

There are a few different factors to take into consideration, such as the orientation of your home and the pitch of your roof. However, we use advanced modeling to figure out how much energy a solar array at your house can be expected to produce.

How Does the Solar Roof Installation Process Work?


We offer a free consultation to assess your solar needs and come up with a solution that best fits them. We’ll measure your roofing system, run a shade analysis, and evaluate your electrical system.


We’ll put a custom proposal together for you going over system components and design, estimated energy output, and a full financial breakdown covering incentives and your return on investment over time. 


We’ll finalize your solar roofing system design, get all the permitting from your town/city sorted out, submit the utility interconnection, and then schedule and install your solar system. This whole process usually takes 30-60 days.


We’ll perform a thorough final inspection of our work, submit a Certificate of Completion to the utility company, activate the system, and set up monitoring through a custom app so that you can monitor your system in real time.

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