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At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we’ve got you covered when it comes to solar roof installation in the Concord region. We have 40+ years of experience creating more energy efficient households.

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40+ Years of Industry Experience

We've helped homeowners in the Concord region of New Hampshire with their roofing needs for 40+ years

FREE Inspections & Estimates

We offer free and thorough inspections and estimates so you have the best idea of your expected costs.

Professional & Certified Crew

We pride ourselves on our crew of friendly, knowledgeable, professional team members.

Why Is Solar Roofing a Good Investment?

We've been helping people with their roofing needs in the Concord region of New Hampshire for decades. Why are we so passionate about solar roof installation? Here are a few reasons:

Tax Credits & Incentives

Solar roof installation can be pricey, and that makes people hesitate. However, there are many different government incentives and rebates in the state of New Hampshire for solar roofing. Plus, solar panels can increase your home’s property value.

Save on Energy Costs

In addition to tax credits and incentives, getting your power through the sun can shield you from ever-rising energy costs. Net metering programs can also offset your energy bills every single month! At Energy Shield, we can help you get net metering set up with your solar roof installation.

Effective Year-Round

Many people wonder how solar roofing can be efficient during the winter months. It’s proven that solar panels are just as efficient in the winter as they are in the summer, so there’s no need to worry about cold and snow getting in the way of your energy supply.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn’t contribute to climate change. In addition to it being friendly for the planet, you’ll always have solar energy when you need it. If the grid goes down, you’ve still got power!

The Energy Shield Advantage

For over four decades, Energy Shield of New Hampshire has worked to serve home owners and business owners in the Concord region with all of their exterior renovation needs. No solar roof installation job is too big or too small for our experienced, professional crew members, and we pride ourselves on our dedication to top-notch craftmanship and customer service. Experience the Energy Shield difference for yourself, and schedule a solar roofing consultation today!


Our Happy Clients

"We had a wonderful experience with Energy Shield of NH. From start to finish these guys were professional, personable and people I would have to my home again without hesitation. A+ work from a company I can recommend wholeheartedly."
Adam D.
"My experience with Energy Shield was amazing. This family owned business, showed Integrity, professionalism and very competitive pricing. In 6.5 hours my roof was completed and It looks amazing! Thank you, Nick and Josh"
Lisa G.

Our Solar Roof Installation Process

Our trained, professional crew members follow a comprehensive process to install your solar roofing in the Concord region.
Solar Consultation

First, our experts in the Concord, NH region will meet with you to discuss your solar roofing goals. We’ll also run a site evaluation, where we’ll take measurements, run a shade analysis, and evaluate your electrical systems.


Next, we’ll design the best solar roofing system for you. Your custom proposal will detail the configuration, how much energy the system will produce, your return on investment, possible incentives, and more.

Installation & Activation

Finally, we’ll conduct the installation. Once the job is done, we’ll inspect it to make sure it meets our high standards. Once finalized and activated, you’ll be able to monitor your systems in real time through a custom app.

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