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Solar Panel Installation Process: Here’s What to Expect

solar panel installation

More and more Americans are going solar each year. When you’re considering installing solar panels, it’s important to be in the know about the solar panel installation process.

Will your home be suitable for solar panels? What permits will you need? And how are solar panels installed on the roof? Today, we’ll go over all that and more.

Each company is different when it comes to the solar panel installation process. However, most follow a basic path of evaluation, proposal, installation, then approval.

how are solar panels installed? The solar panel installation process begins with evaluation. Getting a solar roof in New Hampshire is simple.
Evaluation & Proposal

At the very beginning of the process, you’ll likely meet with your solar company to run a site evaluation. This is where they’ll measure the roof to determine how many panels you’ll need. They’ll also analyze the shade and whether your home will get enough sunlight. In addition, they’ll evaluate your electrical systems.

Soon after, they’ll draft a proposal crafted to your needs. It’ll address how much energy you need to power your home or building. The proposal will also address how the system will be configured on the roof, and how much it’ll cost.

A great cost evaluation will not just give you an estimate. It’ll also predict your return on investment via incentives and energy savings.

You might also wonder what permits you might need for your solar roof. There’s no need to stress about obtaining permission yourself! Your roofing company will submit the proposed design to your city government for approval.

Solar Panel Installation Process: How Are Solar Panels Installed?

Once you get the go ahead, it’s time for the special day! Your contractors will come to your home or building to start installing the solar panels. So how are solar panels installed?

  1. Preparation: Your contractors will check your roof’s condition before attaching solar panels. They’ll address any wiggly fasteners or shingles to make sure the system is going on a sturdy roof.
  2. Wiring: Next, they’ll find the wiring that will connect your solar panels to the electrical supply.
  3. Racking: The racking is what solar panels sit on. Your contractors will fasten this to your roof so that it’s secure and level.
  4. Panels and Energy: Your solar panels will go on top of the racking. Your contractors will install inverters onto the panels so their energy is usable for your home or building.
how are solar panels installed?

Solar panel installation takes about 1-3 days. This all depends on how many panels you’re installing, and simply, how big your roof is. It also depends on how complicated your wiring is.

The great part is that solar installation requires a talented team with plenty of experience. If you choose a great company, you’ll know you’re getting the best to configure your solar system.

What Happens After Installing Solar Panels?

The solar panel installation process finishes with approval. Before you connect to the grid, there are a few more steps to go through. These steps can take from a couple of weeks to about a month, depending on your situation.

  • Your company should give a final inspection to ensure a job well done.
  • There will also be an inspection from a city representative to triple-check that everything is up to code. If it’s correctly configured, they’ll give their approval. From there, the activation process begins.
  • A local utility company representative will come by and give the go ahead for connection. Once you have city and utility approval, you’re all good to connect to the grid.
  • If you’ve opted to install a power meter, your net metering system will activate. It tracks the electricity your solar power is bringing back into the grid. With net metering programs, you get credit for that excess energy. This can dramatically reduce your electric bill each month.
Getting a Solar Roof in New Hampshire

If you are considering getting a solar roof in New Hampshire, Energy Shield is a top choice. We’ve been creating energy efficient homes for over 40 years. Solar panels generate lots of power and help you save on energy bills, even in cold winters. Learn more about our solar roofs today!

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