Solar Installation in Salem, NH

Step into the world of exceptional solar installation in Salem, NH, through Energy Shield of New Hampshire. We deliver solar solutions that not only amplify energy efficiency but also cut down costs for your home. Whether you’re geared up for a comprehensive installation experience or simply keen on exploring solar roofing alternatives, we’ve got your back.

Our team is committed to ensuring your journey is smooth and satisfying. With our long history in renewable energy, we’re by your side to respond to all your inquiries throughout the entire process. We equip you with all the necessary insights to make a well-informed decision that harmonizes perfectly with your budget and power needs. Allow us to guide you towards a more sustainable future, where the brilliance of solar energy becomes an integral part of your life!

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Over 40 Years In The Industry

For more than four decades, we've proudly stood as a reliable solar installer in Salem, NH, providing solar and roofing services for the local community. We tailor our solar solutions to the unique needs of the New Hampshire region.

Certified Crew

Our team has the experience and certifications to ensure a job well done. Whatever questions or worries arise, we're here to confront them directly. Count on us to transform your property into a solar-powered sanctuary built to endure over time.

FREE Estimates & Inspections

We conduct comprehensive inspections at no cost to provide you with an exact estimate. We skip the surprises: our aim is to offer you precise advice and pricing that aligns with your requirements. This way, you can confidently make an informed decision.

Why is Solar Great in New Hampshire?

We're dedicated to providing exceptional solar installation in Salem, NH, supported by decades of comprehensive experience. If you're interested to learn the benefits of solar energy, allow us to share some reasons why it's a wonderful option for your home or business:

Energy Bill Savings

By using the sun for energy, your energy bills can take a nosedive. With the help of net metering initiatives, you can shave even more off your monthly expenses. Here at Energy Shield, we’re dedicated to guiding you every step of the way during your solar installation in Salem, NH. We’ll handle the process of implementing net metering to guarantee you maximize your savings and attain energy self-reliance.


Embracing solar energy is great if you have an eco-friendly mindset; it’s a pledge to a power source that keeps on giving. By teaming up with a solar installer near you, you’re playing your part in making our planet cleaner by reducing your carbon footprint. The part that makes it a win-win situation is that you take it easy on the earth and get wallet-friendly energy that you can use even when the grid goes down.

Tax Incentives and Rebates

The upfront expense of a solar roof often looms as a major concern for many of us. The great news is that New Hampshire has a lot of tax incentives and rebates tailored precisely to make solar roofing well within your means. Rest assured, we’re here to support you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire procedure and making sure you can tap into these advantages.

Performs Well in Cold NH Weather

Folks often express their apprehensions about how solar roofing holds up in colder weather. No need for concern! Thanks to some impressive technological advancements, your solar panels are designed to keep producing power, even on those gray winter days. So, put your mind at ease; the cold or snow won’t hinder your energy source from doing its job. 

Wondering exactly how much solar power you need to offset your electric bill? Check out our solar calculator! LET’S GO!

The Energy Shield Advantage

With over four decades of hands-on experience, we've mastered the art of energy efficiency through solar installation in Salem, NH. When you opt for Energy Shield of New Hampshire as your solar installer in Salem, NH, you're not only receiving top-quality materials but also partnering with a friendly and knowledgeable team. Eager to witness the Energy Shield advantage for yourself? Contact us for a solar consultation today, and together, let's set off on an exciting journey towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future!


Our Happy Clients

"I can not say enough about Energy Shield of New Hampshire. They replaced my roof and skylights and installed a gutter on my house. Josh and Mark took the time to answer the numerous questions (too many) I had. The roofing team was knowledgeable, diligent, neat and courteous. My flowers were covered and birdbath and deck furniture moved out of the way and returned to their places when the job was complete. The roof was complete in a day and looks great. The gutter was made to match my siding, and blends right in. Josh even took the time to calm my dog with all the commotion going on. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Energy Shield of New Hampshire! Give them a call!"
Gayle M.
"Ive used Energy Shield multiple times. They did a roof repair on a home for me years ago. Josh literally was on my roof during a snow storm fixing flashing around the chimney to satisfy a home inspection request. Since then I have used them twice to replace two roofs at two seperate residences. They show up, they are efficienct and when they are done the only way you can tell that anyone was at your property is because the roof looks brand new. Last roof they did for me they did on a Sunday. I love the way these guys work and get it done. Always there for me when I have needed them. I will continue to use their services and will continue to recommend them to anyone in need of quality workmanship when it comes to anything within there scope of work."
Peter M.

Solar Installation in Salem, NH: Frequently Asked Questions

Let's shed some light on the questions we often receive about solar installation in Salem, NH:
Will solar work in the cold New Hampshire climate?

Absolutely! New Hampshire enjoys 33% more sunshine than Germany, a place famous for its use of solar energy. And here’s the exciting part – solar panels continue to perform effectively even in colder weather and shorter days. They’re remarkably adaptable to these circumstances and maintain their efficiency. So, rest easy – your solar system will keep radiating all year round, providing you with dependable solar power regardless of the season!

Can I get rebates and tax incentives for going solar?

You sure can! The extent of these perks will hinge on your individual circumstances. Here in New Hampshire, you’ll be excited to learn about the chance to take full advantage of the Investment Tax Credit, which can knock a whopping 30% off the cost of solar panels. That’s not all- a wealth of other tax benefits are there for the taking, not to mention the Residential Renewable Electrical Generation Rebate Program.

Is solar going to work in my home or business location?

Let’s take a brief moment to assess the shade around your home or business. Through our cutting-edge modeling, we can provide a precise estimate of the solar energy your property can produce. You might be surprised to realize that it could potentially exceed your initial expectations!

Our Solar Installation Process


We provide a free consultation to chat about your solar panel installation. Our team will be with you right from the start to discuss your aspirations for solar roofing. We’ll perform a detailed site assessment, taking accurate measurements, studying shade patterns, and evaluating your electrical setup. Our aim is to ensure your solar journey is seamless and tailored to match your specific requirements.


After wrapping up the site assessment, we’ll transition into the next step: discovering the best solar roofing solution for you. Our team will craft a thorough strategy, carefully considering every aspect – from system components and design to projecting the anticipated energy generation. We’ll offer you a detailed financial breakdown, factoring in available incentives and the lasting benefits of your investment.


Once we’ve got the solar design locked in and good to go, we’ll take care of securing all the essential town/city permits and utility interconnection. Once those details are sorted, we’ll kick off the solar installation process. Typically, the entire journey takes around 30 to 60 days to ensure every step is executed with top-notch efficiency and care.


When we wrap up the project, we don’t leave you hanging. We’ll carry out an inspection to ensure everything matches up with our standards. Once we’re confident that all is running smoothly, you can keep tabs on your solar system in real time via our custom app. We want to ensure that you can make the most out of your new solar energy system for the years to come!

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Why Choose Energy Shield of New Hampshire for your Solar Installation in Salem, NH?

Over four decades ago, we established Energy Shield of New Hampshire to positively impact our community through energy-efficient solutions. As a family-owned business, we value the relationships we nurture with our customers and take pride in adding to the charm of their homes.

If you’re in search of exceptional solar installation in Salem, NH, choose Energy Shield! Let’s team up and forge a brighter, greener future for both your home and our community.

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