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Your home is likely your biggest investment and the place you should always feel safe and secure. At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we provide expert home security system installation. With our professional help, you can skip the stress and feel protected.

While DIY security system installation is possible, it’s important to do the job correctly. A professionally installed system adds the benefits of consistent maintenance, monitoring, early warnings, customization, and, of course, a properly installed, high-quality system.

Energy Shield’s got your back. As trusted security system installers in the New Hampshire area, we will provide a top-quality installation to help you and your loved ones stay safe.

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40+ Years in Energy Efficiency

For more than 40 years, we've been designing energy-efficient homes. Electrical work and solar panel installation make up a large portion of our experience.

Additionally, it will always be important to protect your home. Our technology allows you to customize your home security system so you feel protected (and can even save energy in the process!)

FREE Inspections & Estimates

After inspecting your property, our experienced team will provide you with an accurate estimate of the project's scope and cost. We won't surprise our clients with extra expenses; instead, we'll be comprehensive and upfront so you know exactly what to expect.

Top-Notch Materials

High-quality construction materials help assure that there won't need to be any repairs going forward and avoid issues from the start. All in all, having the best possible home security system makes you and your loved ones a lot safer. You can be confident that your security system will last you for a very long time because we only utilize the best equipment available.

Why Get a Professional Home Security System Installation?

Because we've been in the business for over four decades, Energy Shield is New Hampshire's trusted security system installer. While it's technically possible to DIY a home security system, a professional-grade system has many more benefits. Aside from the big one, which is feeling safer in your home, here are a few more:

Better Equipment

Professional-grade security systems have features that DIY ones don’t always have. Some key features that are important in a home security system include a backup battery in case the grid goes down. 

It’s also good to have a cellular radio to be able to speak to the monitoring center without Wi-Fi. If you want to customize your experience, consider a system that can connect to a multitude of devices and expand your home automation system. Professionals can offer all that and more!

Energy Savings

When you get a professional security system installer, you can save energy. You heard that right! Many home security systems include automation features, which not only keep you safe, but also monitor your appliances. This adds extra simplicity and energy savings, making the investment in a high-quality security system worthwhile.

Smart locks and connected garage door openers provide a protected way to let guests into your home. A connected thermostat and light fixtures can self-adapt to save energy when you activate your security system.

Easier For You

A professional job on a home security system takes lots of pressure off of you. Professionally-installed alarm systems get professional monitoring and response to detected dangers. In other words, this means that in the worst-case scenario, you’ll always have backup.

Repels Burglars

Blatant security system cues, including stickers, lawn signs, and cameras, discourage burglars from entering your home out of fear of getting caught. In addition, burglars often choose their victims on the fly, and having an obvious security system tells them to stay away.

The Energy Shield Advantage

Our knowledgeable and experienced team will make every effort to guarantee that your home improvement project, no matter how big or small, lasts for many years to come. We'll take care of your needs with a free inspection and quote. When you need repairs, we'll provide you with first-rate customer service and do the work using the best materials available. To arrange a FREE security system installation consultation, get in touch with us right away!


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"We had a wonderful experience with Energy Shield of NH. From start to finish these guys were professional, personable and people I would have to my home again without hesitation. A+ work from a company I can recommend wholeheartedly."
Adam D.
"My experience with Energy Shield was amazing. This family owned business, showed Integrity, professionalism and very competitive pricing. In 6.5 hours my roof was completed and It looks amazing! Thank you, Nick and Josh"
Lisa G.

Energy Shield’s Security System Installation Process


To decide how to carry out your home security system installation project, we will examine your home’s configuration. We’ll work out the system’s specifics in this step and choose the finest option for your particular requirements.


Our estimate will detail our plans for your installation, and what you can expect to pay. We don’t surprise our clients with hidden costs; instead, we’ll be comprehensive and upfront so you know what to anticipate.


You get efficiency and careful attention with Energy Shield. To complete the installation of your security system, we make use of the best equipment and customer support. We complete installations quickly and without any mess.


The best security system installers always stay behind to verify their work. To ensure you receive only the best, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure the job meets our high standards of quality.

FAQs About Home Security Systems

A basic security system includes sensors for all possible points of entry, as well as one or more infrared sensors to look for movement inside the house. In addition, these sensors connect to a sounding alarm and a connection to the monitoring service, which contacts emergency responders.

The arming, disarming, and alerting of emergency responder buttons are also included on most systems’ remote controls. On top of this, mobile apps are also accessible.

Glass break sensors, wall-mounted panic buttons, and a panic button necklace are a few examples of additions to a basic home security system.

Another cutting-edge safety measure is the smartphone remote control and key code door locks. Many homeowners also opt for surveillance cameras.

In addition, you can maximize your energy savings by hooking up your home security system with thermostats and light fixtures to automate them.

Typical home video surveillance is in full color, has a higher frame rate, and is good quality. For better footage in the dark, the top security cameras offer night vision as well. From here, you can monitor footage via your phone or computer.

Outdoor security cameras are built for more durability and weather resistance. You may also opt for either a fixed or moving camera, depending on the area of your home you’d like to monitor.

Many homeowners worry about a false alarm going off because of their pets. A cat, dog, or anyone else weighing less than 40 pounds won’t be picked up by a standard motion sensor. Contemporary home security systems can differentiate between human and animal motions. In order to prevent pets from setting off unwarranted alarms, bulk, speed, and movement patterns are taken into account.

Sophisticated security systems have the capability to detect smoke and temperature in case of fire, and water in case of a flood. This way, you can take action quickly.

It depends on your situation. Wired systems require a lengthier installation because of the electrical work, and physical wires have the risk of damage by intruders. However, they’ll still work in the case of signal issues, unlike a wireless system. However, wireless systems have a stronger signal than phones, a major convenience factor, and can be transported from home to home.

The contract in a home security system is an agreement with the monitoring service associated with your equipment. Despite some homeowners’ concerns, contracts with monitoring companies do not need to be long. Many offer to monitor on a month-to-month basis, allowing you more control over who’s monitoring your system. However, long-term contracts can be beneficial since they often include consistent replacements and customer service. 

Many alarm control panels alert the monitoring service as soon as a burglar attempts to damage it.

Also, there are additional silent alarm measures you can get in the case of a burglar holding residents hostage. For example, you can falsely “disable” the alarm while quietly alerting emergency responders.

Not always. The ultimate cost will depend on how much monitoring you need, what system you end up installing, and what contract you sign. Of course, a professionally installed home security system costs more upfront than a DIY job, but it pays off in the protection you receive.

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Security system installation Install security system Security system installer Home security system installation
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