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Over our 40 years of serving New Hampshire, we have discovered 2 primary reasons people go looking for a roofing contractor: overall deterioration & leaks or wanting a low maintenance solution. On both counts, we’ve got your covered.

Offering re-roofing and new installation services, we provide asphalt and metal roofing to customers throughout New Hampshire. Our team is highly skilled, respectful, and committed to getting your project done right the first time, on time. Sourcing quality materials from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, you can rest assured that when installed properly your new roof will last you for years to come.

What You Get:

Residential metal roofing systems are becoming more and more popular due to their advantages over other roof types. If you are looking into getting a metal roof for your home, you’ll want to contact expert metal roofers who will put your needs first. Below are just some of the reasons why you should get a metal roof:

Ease of Installation: In some cases, a metal roof can be installed over your old shingles, eliminating the extra cost and hassle of tearing off an old roof. Another benefit is that a metal roof can be installed during the winter months.

Range of Colors: Metal roofs come in more than 100 standard, premium, and customized colors, offering you more color options than many other roofing choices.

Longevity: Metal roofs last roughly two to three times longer than asphalt shingle roofs, which typically need to be replaced every 20 years.

Warranties: Most metal roofing solutions come with a 30 to 50-year warranty (on a properly installed system) from the manufacturer.

Improved Weather Protection: Metal roofing is also for areas prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Increased Durability: Metal roofs do not rot, split, crack, chip, or warp, are not susceptible to termite or rodent infestation, and can withstand the impact of falling objects (such as hail and branches) without damage.

No Maintenance:Generally speaking, metal roofs require little or no maintenance and can be cleaned with water. 

Investing in a metal roof for your commercial building is a wise choice because it is durable and will last you many years. The standing seam roof is a popular choice for commercial roofs in particular because they provide all the durability you need in a roof. In addition, standing seam roofs provide low maintenance. Talk with your roofing contractors to discuss metal roofing options. Get started with the commercial metal roofing process by filling out our free estimate form, or by giving us a call at 603-637-4827.

Your roof’s job is to provide shelter and comfort to you & your family. But when it has been compromised by weather, aging or accidental damage, it can fail to do its job. That’s where we come in.

An experienced member of our team will meet with you in-person to inspect your roof and discuss the possible remedies. Though we do not do individual repairs, we will honestly let you know if a simple repair is all that is warranted or suggest a roofing plan if a re-roof is necessary.

And if a new roof is required, we do more than just give you a free written estimate of the project cost. We will take the time to speak with you to:

  • Assess how well your current roof has served you overall
  • Understand what your expectations are for the new roof – from look to function
  • Make suggestions to improve your home’s energy efficiency with the new roof
  • Clearly define the scope of work to be done so that there will little to no surprises later

Asphalt requires regular up keep which can be time consuming & costly. And worrying about your roof when you’re wintering else where is for the birds. With the advancements in metal roofing and its surprising affordability, converting to a metal roof may just be the worry less alternative you’ve been looking for.

Using only quality roofing materials from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, we properly install durable metal roofs that last will last for the long haul. And from rib to shingles to standing seam construction, our roofs are not only strong, but are attractive as well – helping to add the value of your home visually as well as structurally.

Together with one of our roofing experts, we will:

  • Meet with you in-person to inspect your current roof
  • Assess how well your current roof has served from an energy efficient perspective,
  • Understand the expectations you have for the new roof – be it in function and appearance

From there, we will provide you with a written estimate for the project which clearly outlines the scope of the project so that we are all on the same page before project work begins.

When you hire Energy Shield of the Lakes Reach for your roofing project, we provide an all inclusive service from demolition to roof completion:

  • Establish a work schedule based on your written estimate
  • Source a dumpster and the necessary materials for the entire project
  • Strip the existing roof (if required)
  • Install the new roof – be it asphalt or metal – which includes new drip edge, ice & water shield, synthetic roofing underlayment, boots for pipes, and ridge vents
  • Daily clean up and inspection of your yard until the project is complete
  • Thorough removal of all project debris & trash from your property
  • Final walk-around inspection with you at the end of the project to answer any questions you may have

Solar is one of the greatest investments in your home that you can make

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire we have spent the last 40+ years working with homeowners on creating energy efficiency inside and outside of their homes.

What is the solar process?

Step 1: Solar Consult

The process starts by meeting with an Energy Shield of New Hampshire expert to outline your goals for going solar.

Step 2: Design

Energy Shield of New Hampshire works with you to design a solar system that fits your needs. We focus on building a system.

The design process involves 3 main components.

  1. Space on your roofing system: simplified how many solar panels could we install
  2. Electric Bill: evaluate usage to need. Simplified how much electricity do you use, and what we need your solar system to create to  need to meet your goals. 
  3. Budget: This is the most important step for Energy Shield of New Hampshire. We never want to sell a homeowner into a system that they do not need or cannot afford.

Wondering exactly how much solar power you need to offset your electric bill?
Check out our solar calculator!

So you’ve decided to go solar: Let’s talk time frames:

Site Evaluation
1st meeting: 1-2 hours
  • Measurement of your roofing system
  • Run shade analysis report 
  • Evaluate electrical
Custom Proposal
24-48 hours after 1st meeting
  • System components, configurations, and design
  • Usage versus production: what is your solar system going to produce
  • Financial breakdown: what is the cost incentives and return on your investment
Solar Panel Installation
30-60 days
  • Finalize design and submit the utility interconnection
  • Town/City permitting
  • Order components for solar system
  • Schedule and install solar system (install on average takes 2-3 days)
Turn it On
7-14 days
  • Final inspection of solar system
  • Submit Certificate of Completion to the utility company
  • Utility installs net meter
  • Commissioning: Activating the solar system once the inspection is finalized, getting the monitoring set up through a custom app. This allows real time monitoring of your systems.
Final Step: Tell everyone you have gone solar!

FAQs: Myths about solar & frequently asked questions

Orientation: Which way does your home face

Tilt: Pitch of your roof

Solar access: How much sun hits your roofing system? Are there trees or other obstructions blocking the suns path to your roof. 

Is your roofing system solid? 

Condition of electrical:

Sun hits the panels on your roofing system. Panels create DC current. Inverter(s) converts DC to AC. AC feeds your home in real time. Surplus of energy is exported to the grid (your utility provider) through the net meter. Usage that solar does not cover you can still pull back from the grid (your utility provider).

You have your customer charge (fixed fee you pay to utility to be their customer) 

Total kilowatt hours used, we evaluate off of a 12 month cycle. Add the kilowatt hour rates. 

On your utility bill there are 5 categories of charges: Supply (actual generation at the power plant), transmission (regional grid distributing power from the power plant to substation),  distribution (sending power from substation to you the homeowner), & system benefit charge (this is where you pay for energy efficiency programs), stranded cost recovery (they are charging you for bad investments that they made)

The good news is that solar can offset all of these costs!

Simple answer….it depends. The deciding factor is based on your needs. We don’t sell systems to homeowners that they do not need. So yes there are upfront costs but our team of solar experts are skilled at designing systems that pay for themselves. This is why we refer to solar as an investment versus a cost. 

If you want to find out what this means to you and your home, schedule a meeting to get a free solar consultation with one of our experts today.

There are 4 main options for financing a solar system: Cash, Heloc (home equity line of credit), loan, or lease.

Cash: the best way to invest no cost on your money

Heloc: If you have equity in your home you can pull the equity to fund the solar system build

Loan: There are no money down options designed to take advantage of tax incentives to maximize your monthly cash flow. 

Lease: We do not offer leases due to how absolutely horrible this option is. But this is when a 3rd party owns the system on your home that you are paying for through the lease.

Financial return on investment



Energy independence

Social status

26% Fed tax credit

State rebates (subject to availability)

Net metering

Renewable energy credits (RECS)

Basically, you will receive credits for surplus solar beyond what you use in your home. When you go solar, your utility will install a bidirectional net meter, which will count the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) you send to the grid. The solar energy you produce on your roof system will first go toward powering your home’s needs in real-time. Any surplus will be exported to your utility. If you need additional power beyond what your solar array is producing (i.e. at night), you will be able to use grid power as normal. The value of your credits will offset the cost of your normal grid purchases of electricity.

This policy allows us to size a solar array that meets your electricity needs on an annual basis.

It might surprise you to learn that New Hampshire gets 33% more sunlight than Germany, the world leader in solar adoption. While we have fewer sunny hours overall than the Sunbelt states, we do have the advantage of a more moderate climate. Cool, clear days with full sunlight are when you see optimal production.

Due to advances in panel and inverter technology, it is often possible to offset 100% of your electric bill with solar panels on your roof. Energy Shield utilizes advanced modelling that accounts for 30 years of weather data, the precise location of your home, and the tilt, orientation and shading to determine how much your solar array will be expected to produce over the course of a year.

In short, solar viability is more about your specific situation than the state you live in.

Generally speaking, snow will slide off a solar array similar to a metal roof. We do factor in some expected losses from snow coverage in our system production estimates. Physics works in our favor here: as the sun hits the snow it will start to generate some heat, which will facilitate melting and sliding of snow off the array. Snow is a fact of life here in New Hampshire – we always consider the winter months with any of our installations. That’s why they call us Energy Shield!

Our Working Process


Our team will provide a free inspection of your home to ensure that you are secure and have any and all of your questions answered.


We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency. Our estimates will outline our labor and material costs with NO hidden expenses.


Our team starts early, works hard, and leaves no mess behind. We know this can be stressful for homeowners so we seek to relieve as much stress as we possibly can.


We guarantee our work and will not leave the completion of our work until we have thoroughly inspected the final product.