Homeowner’s Roofing System Inspection Guide

Here is a guide created for you, a homeowner, to inspect your roofing system to determine whether or not you should call Energy Shield of New Hampshire to estimate the investment to repair or replace your roofing system. (Yes, I said investment vs. cost. I’ll share on why below)

Your home is not only your most valuable possession, as it is usually a family’s number one  asset, but more importantly it is your family’s protection from the elements. A roofing system is also the primary point of impact and takes the bulk of all storm destruction. Whether that be strong winds, rain, sleet, or snow storms.

Over time the elements start to breakdown the material on your roof and if unchecked can lead to long term interior damage. Our primary goal is to protect your main investment: the structure that protects your family. 

With that being said, let’s get into your inspection checklist to conduct your at-home roofing system inspection.

Inside Inspection: Yes, we can tell a lot about a roofing system from inside your home.

What to look for: 

  • Cracking in your ceiling
  • Are there any dark spots or stains on your ceiling?

Attic Inspection: The first place you will want to start is in your attic.
Grab a flashlight and climb on up. Or Call us and we will take a look

What to look for: 

  • Is there any discoloration?
  • Are there any dark spots or streaks on any of the exposed wood?
  • Can you see any beams of light?
  • Do you notice any sagging of your roof? 

Outside inspection: It is best to get on your roof, but we recommend starting from the ground for your safety.

What to look for: 

Damage may appear in the following ways: shingle debris falling off your roof or coming out of your gutters, chipping of shingles, missing shingles, or any curling of shingles.

  • Are you missing or do you see damaged shingles? 
  • Is there discoloration? Moss growing?
  • Is the roofing sagging anywhere? 

Flashing Inspection

Flashing is the metal that hangs off the edge of your house under the shingles.

  • Is there any spacing or gaps in the flashing? 
  • Is any of the flashing bent? 
  • Is the flashing visible? 

Did you identify any concerns with your roofing system? If so, there is no need for you to be concerned, Energy Shield of New Hampshire has been servicing homeowners on all of their exterior home needs for over 40 years. We have you covered!

Let’s book a free appointment to inspect your roofing system and provide an estimate if necessary. (Yes, I said “if necessary”. We don’t sell services that are not needed!) 

You can call us: 603-637-4827 or fill out our contact form: HERE

We look forward to serving you!

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