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Energy Shield of New Hampshire sets an industry standard as far as residential shingle roof installations are concerned. Quality craftsmanship and customer care are two of the company’s guiding principles. We understand that whether a homeowners roof needs to be repaired or replaced it can be a stressful process. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure this process is as easy as possible for the customers we serve. 

There are a lot of options when deciding on which shingle product to use. When it comes to your roof, quality does matter. Energy Shield of New Hampshire went through a long process to become a Certainteed Select Shingle Master. This allows us too offer the highest extended warranties on Certainteed products. We do install other shingles as well, and some we refuse to install because we as a company cannot back the product.

Here is Energy Shield of New Hampshire’s shingle roof replacement process:

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Stripping the Old Roofing System​

This is the dirty part of the process. Unfortunately we must remove the old roofing system to put on the new one. The goal of stripping the roof is to get down to sheeting on your roof to inspect any damage or rot, replace it, and ensure that the wood under your new roof is watertight and protected. As this process is taking place our crew will be working hard to clear your property of all debris. We are mindful to protect the exterior of your home, plants, and your property as a whole.

Drying in the Roof​

Once your old roofing system is removed, the drying in process begins. This phase involves putting ice and water shield and lament on your roof to prevent any future leaking or water damage. Ice and watershield is placed on all front facing sections of your roof while a lament is placed on the remainder. Ice and watershield is also placed in all valleys and any arrears that the roof meets walls of your home. Usually on dormer sections.

Installing Drip Edge and Starter Strips​

Once your roofing system is dried in and watertight the drip edge is installed on all exterior edges of your roofing system. We will not reuse old drip edge to ensure any potential issues once the new roofing system is installed. Once the drip edge is installed starter strips are used to protect the front sections of your roofing system and set the first row of shingles on track.

Flashing Chimneys and Replacing Pipe Boots​

This phase of the roofing system is very important. Most repair calls that we get from homeowners that have used other roofing contractors are caused by improper chimney flashing or failed pipe boots. Proper chimney flashing involves removing the old lead and grinding off all debri on the chimney. Before installing the new lead it is important to cut into the chimney to insure that the new lead installed is secure inside of the structure. Adhesive is used to secure the lead to the chimney to prevent any future issues. Pipe boot replacement is as important as the rest of your roofing system. The rubber around breaks down as does your roof so it’s important to replace them and ensure that they are properly installed to bead water as it rolls off your roof.

Installing the Shingles​

Installing shingles sounds pretty straightforward and it is. To ensure a proper install we make sure we are installing a quality product for the homeowners we serve. The most important aspect of the shingle install is that the shingles are nailed in the proper place. One miss fire of a nail gun could cause a major problem once install is completed. Our team members are mindful of the importance of this and are focused on ensuring the integrity of your roofing system.

Capping the Peak​

There is or needs to be a gap in the peak of your roofing system. This gap allows air flow which is important although it may not seem like it. The air from the outside flows into your attic and out the roof. It is important that this air circulate as it prevents moisture build up in your attic.  We recommend installing a ridge vent before capping off the roof. This is a special material used to create space to allow airflow while blocking the elements from getting inside your home.  Once the ridge vent is installed capping is installed. Capping is designed to go over itself to protect the peak of your roof & look nice.

Clean Up and Happy Homeowners!​

Energy Shield of New Hampshire has built its 40+ year reputation on ensuring the 100% satisfaction of our customers. We believe the clean up is as important as the install. Most homeowners have worked hard to make their property their sanctuary and we want to work even harder to ensure it’s clean and protected.  We know that you could choose any roofing contractor to install a shingle roof, but we are on a mission to prove that Energy Shield of New Hampshire sets the bar for the quality and care New Hampshire Homeowners should expect.


Our Happy Clients

"This was a big job. Three buildings with multiple roof pitches. Josh was on time and got the job done before he thought he would get it done. The crew was very professional; no smoking, no loud music blaring and cleaned up beautifully. I highly recommend this company."
Eric M.
"Called on a Sunday evening hoping to just leave a message... got an immediate call back (5 min) and scheduled a roof inspection the next day. AMAZING service! Never had a company respond so fast and so professionally - in 48 hours the roof was completely repaired and at a very affordable cost. Couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommend."
Brad M.
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