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Re-roofing With Solar Panels: What You Should Consider

re-roofing with solar panels: why it's a great option

Solar energy systems offer many great benefits to a home. They’re both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. That’s why re-roofing with solar panels is a common thing to do. If you’re lucky (or planned ahead), you’re replacing a roof with solar panels that are brand new. Doing a roof replacement with solar panels that need re-installing is its own challenge.

For many, a roof replacement and solar installation sound intensive and expensive. It can be overwhelming to go about fixing your roof when solar panels are already on it.

As intimidating as it is, ensuring your roof is in good condition before adding solar panels is important. Considering the right things saves you money and energy down the line. Here are a few smart decisions that make it easier to have both a sturdy roof and an efficient solar panel system.

Before Re-roofing with Solar Panels, Get an Inspection

Before re-roofing with solar panels, replacing a roof with solar panels, or doing a roof replacement with solar panels, get an inspection

Having a reputable roofing company inspect your roof is the best way to know its true condition. Luckily, many roofing companies offer free and thorough inspections and estimates. Before replacing a roof with solar panels, it’s important to make sure it can handle them.

You’ll especially want a full inspection if you can’t recall your roof’s last replacement. What you want to know is how many years your roof has left. This avoids overlap with the lifespan of your solar panels. Roofs usually last about 20-25 years. Most solar systems last about 20 before efficiency drops and parts become outdated.

If the lifespans of your roof and solar panels match up, it’ll be much easier to wrap replacements into one neat package. Additionally, it’s crucial to have a sturdy roof before installing solar panels because solar panel removal is very expensive.

Solar Panel Removal Is Costly! Here’s How to Avoid It

It’s all too common for homeowners to get brand new solar panels over a problematic roof. Unfortunately, they can end up paying thousands to remove the panels for re-roofing. For this reason, your solar company should always alert you of problems with your roof before installing panels.

Before considering solar panels, you should get opinions from multiple solar and roofing companies. This ensures your roof will last along with the panels. By doing this, you can compare quotes and set money aside for necessary big projects.

If you’re already stuck with new solar panels on a roof that needs replacing, don’t fret. There are still things you can do to save money. Consider multiple solar companies and get their quotes for removal and re-installation. Keep thorough communication with your solar company to make sure you know exactly what you are paying and what you could save on.

Consider Materials Used in a Roof Replacement with Solar Panels

Before re-roofing with solar panels, consider the material you’re replacing your roof with. If you’re making any changes, your solar panel mounting system may change as well. A new mounting system for your original panels can cost you thousands.

Be sure to talk to your solar installation company to double-check if you will need any new pieces. If you need new parts, order them as soon as possible. The sooner you order, the sooner you can use your solar system again and get back to energy bill savings.

Save Money By Installing Solar on a Sturdy Roof

Why re-roofing with solar panels, replacing a roof with solar panels, or doing a roof replacement with solar panels saves you money

Ensuring your roof is in great condition before adding solar panels is the best way to avoid unnecessary expenses. Another way to avoid potential headaches is by working with reputable roofing and solar companies.

Some solar installers can cause leaks and roof problems while installing or re-installing your panels. If your roofing and solar companies both hold the highest standards, they’ll inspect and respect each other’s work.

However, dealing with two separate companies can be tedious. At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we’ve been helping homeowners with their roofing AND solar needs for 40+ years. We bring our extensive roofing knowledge to every solar project, ensuring that both your roof and solar system remain high-performing for decades.

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