New Hampshire Solar Installation

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we’ve spent the last 40+ years working with homeowners to create the energy-efficient home of their dreams. Whether you’re planning for a total New Hampshire solar installation or are just curious about solar roofing, we can help you out.

New Hampshire Solar Installation
40+ Years of Industry Experience

For over four decades, we've been serving homeowners across New Hampshire with all their roofing needs. We've worked with roofs (and budgets) of all shapes and sizes.

FREE Inspections & Estimates

We offer free and thorough inspections and estimates so you can have the best knowledge of what your solar roofing will cost.

Professional & Certified Crew

Our certified, talented, and friendly team will ensure a smooth solar roof installation.

Wondering exactly how much solar power you need to offset your electric bill? Check out our solar calculator!

Why Is Solar Roofing a Good Investment?

Why are we so passionate about New Hampshire solar installation? Here are a few reasons:

Tax Credits & Incentives​

Solar roof installation can be pricey, and that makes people hesitate. However, there are many different government incentives and rebates in the state of New Hampshire for solar roofing. Plus, solar panels can increase your home’s property value.

Save on Energy Costs

In addition to tax credits and incentives, getting your power through the sun can shield you from ever-rising energy costs. Net metering programs can also offset your energy bills every single month! At Energy Shield, we can help you get net metering set up with your solar roof installation.

Effective Year-Round

Many people wonder how solar roofing can be efficient during the winter months. It’s proven that solar panels are just as efficient in the winter as they are in the summer, so there’s no need to worry about cold and snow getting in the way of your energy supply.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn’t contribute to climate change. In addition to it being friendly for the planet, you’ll always have solar energy when you need it. If the grid goes down, you’ve still got power!

The Energy Shield Advantage

With our 40+ years of experience, we are helping more and more homeowners with New Hampshire solar installation. By choosing Energy Shield, you're choosing the highest quality materials, a respectful and talented crew, and a beautiful roof that will protect your home for the long run. We know the ins and outs of New Hampshire weather and how to design a system that works in harmony. That's why they call us Energy Shield! Schedule your consultation for solar roof installation today to experience the Energy Shield advantage!


Our Happy Clients

"This was a big job. Three buildings with multiple roof pitches. Josh was on time and got the job done before he thought he would get it done. The crew was very professional; no smoking, no loud music blaring and cleaned up beautifully. I highly recommend this company."
Eric M.
"Called on a Sunday evening hoping to just leave a message... got an immediate call back (5 min) and scheduled a roof inspection the next day. AMAZING service! Never had a company respond so fast and so professionally - in 48 hours the roof was completely repaired and at a very affordable cost. Couldn't be more satisfied. Highly recommend."
Brad M.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Hampshire Solar Installation

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked about solar roof installation in New Hampshire:
Does solar actually work in New Hampshire?

Definitely! Here in New Hampshire, we get 33% more sunlight than Germany, one of the top countries for solar energy use. Solar panels are actually more efficient in cold weather, making up for the shorter hours of daylight, and making them just as efficient as they are in the summer months.

Are there tax incentives for going solar?

Yes! Whether or not you qualify for them all depends on your personal situation. Some of the New Hampshire tax incentives include the Investment Tax Credit, which can slash the price of your solar panels by 26%. The Residential Renewable Electrical Generation Rebate Program can give you even more reimbursements.

How do I know if my home is a good fit for solar?

You may want to consider how shady the area around your home is. Our advanced modeling can help you decipher how much solar energy your home can be expected to produce. It may be more than you think!

How much does solar cost? Can I finance?

Simply put, it depends. We won’t sell you a system that is not affordable or too much for your needs. Yes, there are initial costs, but our solar experts are professionals at creating systems that pay for themselves.

With Energy Shield, there are three ways you can pay for solar. You can pay cash, which is the simplest and best way. With Heloc, you can pull home equity to fund. Finally, we have no-money-down loan options designed to take advantage of tax incentives to maximize monthly cash flow.

How does net metering work?

In essence, you will receive credits for excess solar energy that is not used in your home. Your utility will install a bidirectional net meter, which will track how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) you send to the grid. The solar energy you generate will power your home, and any leftovers will be sent to your utility. You will be able to use grid power as usual if you require additional power beyond what your solar array produces (for example, at night). The value of your credits will offset the cost of your regular grid electricity purchases.

How do I read my utility bill?

On the bill, you’ll have the customer charge (fixed fee you pay to utility to be their customer), total kWh on a 12-month cycle, and the kWh rates.

There are five types of charges on your power bill: Supply (generation at the power plant), transmission (regional grid transmitting power from the plant to substation), distribution (sending power from the substation to you, the homeowner), and stranded cost recovery (they are charging you for bad investments that they made)

The good news is that solar can offset all of these costs!

Our Solar Roof Installation Process

Solar Consultation

Before diving in, you’re free to use our solar calculator to get an idea of what size system might be best for you. From there, we offer a free consultation to address your interest in solar panels. At the beginning of the process, our experts will meet with you to discuss your solar roofing goals. We’ll then run a site evaluation, where we’ll take measurements, run a shade analysis, and evaluate your electrical systems.


Next, we’ll design the best solar roofing system for you. We’ll put a custom proposal together for you going over system components and design, estimated energy output, and a full financial breakdown covering incentives and your return on investment over time. 


We’ll finalize your solar roofing system design, get all the permitting from your town/city sorted out, submit the utility interconnection, and then schedule and install your solar system. This whole process usually takes 30-60 days.


Once the job is done, we’ll thoroughly inspect it to make sure it meets our high standards. Once finalized and activated, you’ll be able to monitor your systems in real time through a custom app.

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