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New Hampshire Homeowners’ Guide to Shingle Roofing

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In addition to serving as your home’s first layer of protection against the elements and other risky conditions, the roof plays a crucial role in determining how your house looks and feels overall. Shingle roofing is one of the most popular choices of material in New Hampshire, and it’s important to understand it fully before choosing it. Here’s your complete NH guide to shingle roofing!

New Hampshire Guide to Shingle Roofing

These topics are important to consider when it comes to asphalt shingles as a roofing material:

  • Why should I choose shingle roofing?
  • Shingle roofing pros and cons
  • Is shingle roofing good for New Hampshire weather?
  • What can I expect during a shingle roof replacement?

Why Should I Choose a Shingle Roof in New Hampshire?

In general, shingle roofs are less expensive to build than metal roofs. Shingles are easier to handle and install since they are lighter than other materials. The vast majority of homeowners in the country opt for asphalt shingles because they are tried and true.

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we go above and beyond to ensure that the roofing replacement or repair process is as smooth as possible for our customers.

Quality always matters, and for that reason, we have worked hard  to become a Certainteed Select Shingle Master. We provide Certainteed products with the highest extended warranties. We also install different types of shingles, but not just any. At Energy Shield, we only install shingles we know are of great quality.

Guide to Shingle Roofing: Pros and Cons


  • There are many different styles of shingles. This roofing type is very flexible if you favor having a beautiful home in addition to one that serves its purpose. Shingles can look like slate, wood, and other materials. They come in a variety of hues and manufacturers can cut them into lovely forms.
  • In addition to being lighter than metal, shingles secure in place without the use of heavy materials. These supplies could include plywood or underlayment.
  • Shingles are simple to install and repair. Since many businesses use them, getting a skilled and high-quality installation for your home is simple and less expensive.
  • When choosing between shingles and a metal roof, asphalt shingles are less expensive. They have a lower upfront cost.


  • Shingles are more prone to water damage and issues like ice damming and moss development. These can result in leaks throughout your house. Because of this, depending on your area, shingle warranties are roughly half as long as those for metal roofs: 15–30 years.
  • Asphalt shingles don’t recycle and need to be replaced more frequently. They are less environmentally friendly since every time you repair your roof, more trash is dumped in landfills.
Guide to shingle roofing for New Hampshire homeowners

Are Asphalt Shingles Good for New Hampshire Weather?

New Hampshire gets some cold winters, and often that leaves people wondering what the best material for their roofing would be. So are asphalt shingles good for NH weather?

The answer to this question depends on the quality of the shingles. Energy Shield is local to New Hampshire, so we know the ins and outs of NH weather and the best roofing for it. There are plenty of high-quality shingles that can survive snow, wind, and cold temperatures, and we offer these for our shingle roofing installations.

What can I Expect During a Shingle Roof Replacement?

This is one of the most important parts of the guide to shingle roofing. Here is what you can expect at a shingle roofing installation with Energy Shield of New Hampshire:

Old Roof Removal

In order to install the new roofing system, we must remove the old one. The purpose of roof stripping is to get to the roof’s sheeting, check it for damage or rot, and replace it. We’ll make sure the timber beneath your new roof is protected and watertight. During this process, we work to keep the area clean and your property safe.

The Drying In Process

During this stage, we prevent leaks with ice and water shield and lament. Each section of your home will be covered to avoid any water damage in the future.

Drip Edge and Starter Strips

Next, we fit the drip edge on the outside edges of your roofing system. To avoid any potential problems, we won’t reuse the old drip edge. We use starter strips to cover the front portions of your roof and to align the first row of shingles.

Pipe Boots and Chimney Flashing

The majority of repair requests we receive from customers who have worked with other roofing contractors are due to inadequate chimney flashing or malfunctioning pipe boots. At Energy Shield we focus on proper chimney flashing, secure and free of debris. We also replace the pipe boot for even further protection from water damage.

Shingle Installation

We install quality shingles to ensure a long-lasting roof. Not only does the quality matter, but so does the installation. We understand that a few wrong nails could lead to serious problems down the road. Because of this, we always stay mindful and focused on proper installation techniques.

Ridge Vent & Cap

The peak of your roofing system should have a gap in it. The airflow this gap permits is crucial to avoid attic moisture. Before adding a cap to the roof, we advise adding a ridge vent. This lets air flow while keeping the outside elements out of your home. We then install capping to protect the peak of your roof and provide aesthetic value.

Clean Up & A Beautiful Roof

We put as much importance on the cleanup process as we do the installation. Most homeowners have put a lot of effort into making their homes their haven, and we want to put in even more effort to keep it tidy and safe.

For more than 40 years, Energy Shield of New Hampshire has earned its reputation on complete customer satisfaction. We set the standard for the quality and attention NH homeowners deserve so their shingle roofs last long and protect the home for decades. Get in touch with us to schedule your free shingle roofing consultation today!

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