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How To Use Our NH Solar Energy Cost Calculator To Estimate Savings

We often talk about how solar power brings great energy bill savings. When you consider investing in solar panels for your home or business, it can be tricky to predict your ROI. Luckily, our NH solar energy cost calculator is here to help you find the solar energy system size that will meet your bill offsetting goals.

Our unique solar calculator works by taking a few things into account. These are your property type, average monthly bill, daily sunlight hours, and offset percentage goal. With that information, it provides a rough estimate of system wattage.

Of course, the system size you’ll need will also depend on your roof pitch, home orientation, shading, and more. We assess these things at your free, no-obligation inspection for a more accurate solar estimate.

This calculator is meant to help determine what kind of solar energy system will fit your needs, so you can add it to the budget.

Step 1: What Kind of Property Do You Have?

How our NH Solar Energy Cost Calculator works

This question is definitely the easiest in our NH solar energy cost calculator. Are you looking to power a home or a commercial building? The bigger the building or home, the more wattage you’ll likely need. Check the box that fits your situation.

Step 2: How Much is your Average Monthly Electric Bill?

Next, enter your average monthly energy bill. The average electricity bill in New Hampshire is $169.35. If you want to get more precise, electricity bill calculators can help you find your specific average. You can also take any previous monthly bills you have filed away and average them out.

Step 3: How Many Average Daily Sunlight Hours Does Your Property Get?

How our NH Solar Energy Cost Calculator works

Luckily, there are daily sunlight hour averages you can find for every state. New Hampshire’s average is 4.61. However, it’s important to consider that your home’s orientation and environment can affect the sunlight hours you get, so you’ll never really know until you get a full inspection.

Step 4: What Percentage of Your Electric Bill Do You Want to Offset With Solar?

Feel free to experiment with different percentages in this portion of our NH solar energy cost calculator. This percentage can alter your estimate by a lot, depending on what you enter in.

It’s more common to offset about half of your bill, however, this percentage rises if you have more roof space and sunlight hours. It also rises when you install energy-efficient systems like ductless mini-split air conditioners. It also helps to be frugal with your energy usage. For example, instead of overworking the AC on a hot day, you can utilize ceiling fans.

As long as you don’t change the size of your solar energy system, the dollar amount of savings will remain consistent. However, your offset percentage changes based on the total amount of energy you consume. This is why it’s important to find a balance between your typical electricity costs and how much electricity you want your solar system to provide.

Step 5: NH Solar Energy Cost Calculator Gives An Estimate

How our NH Solar Energy Cost Calculator works

Next, our NH solar energy cost calculator will give you an estimate. But what does this estimate mean? The higher the kW, the bigger your solar energy system would be. Based on the information from this example, the recommended size of solar energy system is 8.09 kW.

The real size you end up with will depend how much energy you need to cover basic costs, how much you want to maximize ROI, your available roof space, and your budget. When you work with a reputable solar provider, you’ll be able to nail these important details. At Energy Shield, we always work with you to find your most affordable option that brings in considerable energy savings.

What’s Next?

Your estimate from our NH solar energy cost calculator should give you a better idea of the solar system you’ll need to maximize your energy savings. When you’re ready to make the switch, Energy Shield of New Hampshire is here to help. Take advantage of our free inspections to get precise pricing and start your journey to earth-and-budget-friendly energy today!

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