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How To Get A New Roof and Solar at the Same Time

Getting a new roof and solar at the same time: Roofing with solar panels! How to get the best roof and solar panel installation

Your home has a lot to gain from solar energy systems in countless ways. They are economical and environmentally friendly. Roofing with solar panels is therefore a popular practice. Often, people opt to get a new roof and solar panels at the same time. This is because a roof and solar panel installation with existing panels can be tough. 

Many people find that installing solar panels and replacing a roof sounds time-consuming and expensive. When solar panels are already installed on your roof, it might be intimidating to attempt a roof replacement.

Daunting as it may seem, it’s crucial to check the state of your roof before installing solar panels. You will ultimately save time and money by taking the proper factors into consideration. Here’s what you should think about when it comes to getting a new roof and solar panels at the same time!

Is a New Roof and Solar at the Same Time a Good Idea?

Whether or not you get a new roof and solar at the same time depends on your situation. Your decision should ultimately center around avoiding a costly solar panel removal that could have been prevented. Generally, a new roof and new solar at the same time is a great idea because you avoid the difficulties and expenses associated with fixing a roof that’s underneath panels.

If you have never gotten solar before and are thinking about going for it, check your roof first! You want to make sure that your roof is going to last just as long as your solar panels so that when it’s time for a replacement, you avoid complications and excess costs.

How To Prevent an Expensive Solar Panel Removal

It happens far too frequently for homeowners to install brand-new solar panels on an unreliable roof. Unfortunately, the cost of removing the panels for re-roofing goes into the thousands. Because of this, before installing panels, your solar roofing business should always let you know if there are issues with your roof.

You should consult with several solar and roofing companies before making a decision on solar panels. This guarantees that both the panels and your roof will last. By doing this, you may evaluate prices and set aside cash for upfront costs.

Don’t worry if you already have brand-new solar panels installed on a roof that has to be replaced. You can still take steps to save money. Get prices for removal and reinstallation from several solar suppliers. Maintain open lines of communication with your solar company to ensure that you are fully aware of the costs you are paying and where you may be able to save.

Getting a new roof and solar at the same time: Roofing with solar panels! How to get the best roof and solar panel installation

Steps To Take when Roofing With Solar Panels

When you’re considering a new roof and solar panel installation, there are a few steps to take before making the jump.

It’s important to find out how to avoid high costs, remember how costly solar panel removal is, and find the most cost-effective system for you. It’s also key to invest in great materials and have a full roof inspection to ensure the lifespans of your roof and panels will match up.

Consider The Cost and Find Out How To Save

Getting a new roof and solar panels at the same time is generally quite costly. However, it is an investment that brings a great ROI. If you’re ready to reap those benefits, it’s helpful to look into all the possible ways you can reduce that great upfront cost.

Many solar companies offer financing on their systems. However, beware of companies that offer solar for free or at extremely low prices. The Solar Tax Credit is a legitimate way to save thousands on your system installation. With the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, you’d get a 30% rebate on your home solar installation.

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we understand how big of an investment this is. That’s why we always work to find your most cost-effective option for solar. We want to ensure you’re getting the best energy bill savings each month as a return on your investment. Check out our solar calculator to estimate the system size for you!

Think About Materials and Quality

Think about the material you’re replacing your roof with before adding solar panels. Your solar panel mounting system may change if you make any alterations. You could end up spending thousands of dollars on a new mounting method for your original panels.

You could end up spending thousands of dollars on a new mounting method for your original panels. You’ll also want to choose a roofing material that is high quality. It should have a projected lifespan that will align with that of your solar panels.

To confirm whether you require any additional components, be sure to speak with your solar installation company. Order replacement parts as quickly as you can if you need them. The sooner you order, the sooner you can go back to using your solar system and saving money on your energy bills.

Get The Roof Inspected Beforehand

The best approach to determine your roof’s true condition is to get an inspection from a reliable roofing company. Fortunately, a lot of roofing businesses provide free, in-depth inspections and estimates. Make sure a roof can support solar panels before getting a roof and solar panel installation.

If you can’t remember the last time you got a roof replacement, you’ll want to get a thorough inspection. How long your roof has left is what you should find out.  By doing this, you prevent having your solar panels and roof’s lifespans overlap. Typically, roofs stick around 20 to 25 years. The typical lifespan of a solar energy system is 20 years before efficiency declines and parts become obsolete.

It will be considerably simpler to get a new roof and solar at the same time if their lifespans coincide. Because removing solar panels is highly expensive, it’s essential to have a strong roof beforehand. This will help you avoid the expenses associated with needing a roof replacement while your panels are relatively new.

Get The Best Roof and Solar Panel Installation

The best way to prevent unforeseen costs is to make sure your roof is in excellent condition before installing solar panels. Using reliable roofing and solar businesses is another approach to avoid potential problems.

While installing or reinstalling your solar panels, some solar professionals have the potential to cause leaks and roof issues. Your roofing and solar energy businesses will respect and inspect each other’s work if they both uphold the highest standards.

Dealing with two different companies, though, can be frustrating. For more than 40 years, Energy Shield of New Hampshire has assisted homeowners with their roofing AND solar needs. We apply our in-depth understanding of roofing to every solar installation to guarantee that your roof and solar system will continue to function well for many years. Contact us for your solar consultation today!

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