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How much does a new roof cost?

I have to start buying sharing ….. YES material costs have gone way up over the last year. Metal and shingle prices have gone up about 12% in the last year.

With that said let’s discuss all of the factors that go into our roofing estimation process.

The most obvious is the size of your roofing system. How big of a house are you seeking to protect. A term you will hear in roofing is a square (sq). One sq in roofing means a 100 square feet of your roof. So, let’s say you have a 2400 sq foot house. We take the 2400 square feet and divide it by 100. You have a 24 sq roof. This is the amount of space we price. In today’s market 1 sq could get quotes anywhere from $525 per all the way up to $750 per sq for a shingle roofing system. Now what goes into this math?

The size, the pitch of your roof (how difficult is it to walk, the pitch increases the difficulty of completing the work. How many skylights, chimneys, and pipes are on your roof? Yes, these all take more time to do correctly to ensure they do not leak.

How many valleys, or separations are in your roofing system. In roofing terms this is called “chopped up”. Each new section or valley takes additional waterproofing.

In conclusion, and to fully answer the opening question the sq pricing is based off the cost of underlayment, shingles, capping, ridge vent, flashing, chimney flashing, pipe boots, and the actual labor installation costs. In addition you have dumpster fees, gas, & insurance. The per sq estimate is based on all of these factors. Feel free to take a look at the total protection roofing system here. This will give a much better idea of the installation process.

Now some companies jack the pricing up based on how busy they are, we do not do that. We have a formula that works for our business and that’s what we stick to.

If your next question is “Should I go metal or shingle on my new roofing system” click HERE to read about the pros and cons.

If you have questions that are not answered feel free to contact us. 

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