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Homeowners: Don’t Get Stuck with “Chuck in a Truck”

Chuck in a truck

You might be wondering, “who’s Chuck?” He’s the non-licensed guy that’s coming out of the woodwork with a lowball price to fix your roof. Low prices are tempting, but it’s important to look for the red flags that a roofing company is nothing but a Chuck in a Truck.

(And, of course, we don’t mean the talented roofers out there who happen to be named Chuck and/or own a truck.)

Signs You’re Dealing With a Chuck in a Truck

  • A lack of experience. New companies can, by all means, be great at their work. However, be aware of the ones that are going unlicensed and offering extremely low quotes.
  • They’re talking a little too fast. These guys will aggressively try to close the deal. Beware of any company that’s pushing the sale too hard.
  • Problems after the roof is “fixed”. If you’re unlucky enough to have gone through with hiring a Chuck in a Truck, you are likely to have a roof that’s still damaged or damaged in a new way.
  • Overall unprofessional behavior. If your contractor is ever behaving unprofessionally (i.e. drinking on the job) it’s a big sign not to move forward with them.

Let’s break down each red flag in greater detail, including the subtle and not-so-subtle ways you might notice a Chuck.

Red Flag #1: A Lack of Experience

The newness of a company does not dictate the talent of its workers. However, you’ll want to be aware of those who think starting a roofing business is easy as pie and does not require licensing or professionalism.

It’s a great rule of thumb to never hire an unlicensed worker. A non-licensed worker frequently has a poor work ethic along with limited knowledge of handling simple roofing issues. Chuck in a Truck only wants the cash; he has no interest in fixing your roof. This is why he’ll put lots of pressure on his clients to close a deal.

Red Flag #2: Aggressive Salesmanship

Chuck excels at smooth talking and high-pressure sales. He could sell skunk-scented perfume if he really wanted to. However, this aggressive salesmanship is only necessary to sell people something they really don’t want.

Yes, their price may be cheaper than others. However, they are usually fast-talking, hard-closing hacks who don’t care to help you feel comfortable and take your time with a big financial decision.

Great roofing companies know you’re shopping around and keeping your options open. We take that as an opportunity to show you our work and our values and let it speak for itself. Don’t trust a Chuck in a Truck who is practically forcing you to work with his company.

Red Flag #3: Poor Craftsmanship

You’ll experience this red flag if you are unlucky enough to have been coerced by Chuck, or you might see this red flag if you get the chance to hear what his customers have to say. Chuck in a Truck will offer very low prices, but you get what you pay for when it comes to his lack of craftsmanship.

If you hire an unlicensed and inexperienced contractor with a lowball quote, you’re likely to see that your roof is not truly fixed once the job is done. Even worse, you might see new problems left behind by Chuck.

These companies don’t conduct final inspections of their work or clean up after themselves and don’t care about customer satisfaction. No one wants to experience the coveted (by no one) brake light warranty. This means the last time you will ever see or hear from them is when they are collecting the final payment.

Red Flag #4: Unprofessional Behavior

One thing Energy Shield of New Hampshire is the most proud of being a preferred New Hampshire roofing & siding contractor is NONE of our team drinks on the job, and to go a little further we don’t drink period.

Why are we sharing that? Well, roofing and siding contractors collectively have earned a reputation for being a bunch of drunks. As the market continues to flourish, so do those that want to be their own boss. We’ve experienced a few employees that did not fit our company culture who launch their own “business” after termination. Now, hundreds of terminated or resentful employees think they have what it takes, but end up acting unprofessionally in their new endeavors.

With a booming housing market comes a booming opportunity for anyone with a ladder rack on their truck to start a roofing company. Of course, we’re not saying all that start out will be bad at what they do, but it’s important to spot red flags, including unprofessional behavior.

This includes a few things:

  • Showing up late to appointments. Good contractors understand that your time is valuable. If there is a real reason for being late, a good contractor will call you ahead of time.
  • No liability insurance. Having no insurance is extremely risky, and a huge red flag of a bad contractor.
  • Not giving a detailed schedule, estimate, and/or project plan.
  • Most egregiously, drinking on the job.

Some vetting questions

Here are some questions you can ask a company to help you make sure they’re not a Chuck in a Truck.

  • What warranty do you offer on your work? (Yes, there are varying warranties. We have worked to earn the right to offer extended warranties.)
  • What is your installation process? This is how a shingle system should be installed here
  • Can I see photos of past work? If a company doesn’t have photos of past work, it may be a sign they’re a Chuck in a Truck.
  • Do you have references we can call? (When customers ask for this, it makes us so happy. Every homeowner should do this level of research on who they are about to pay thousands to).

These are just a few strategies to avoid hiring Chuck and keeping his truck(s) out of your driveway. If you’re in need of premier roofing services in New Hampshire, Energy Shield has got your back. We’ve been serving the area for over 40 years and focus on maintaining great customer relationships. Contact us today to schedule your free and detailed roofing inspection!

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