EV Charger Installation

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we provide expert EV charger installation so you can stay green on the go. We are aware that when it comes to an electric vehicle or Tesla charger installation, it isn’t the time or place for a do-it-yourself job. Poor electrical work can majorly affect your vehicle’s charging, house value, and safety. 

But not to worry – we at Energy Shield have you covered. As trusted EV charger installers in the New Hampshire area, we will provide a top-quality EV charging station installation to help you stay environmentally friendly.

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40+ Years in Energy Efficiency

We've been creating energy-efficient households for over 40 years. Our extensive background is in solar panel installation. Since then, we've adapted to changing green technology by mastering EV charger installation.

With the rollercoaster of gas prices, it's a great privilege to pair up with a trusted EV charger installer and get going in a well-charged electric vehicle.

FREE Inspections & Estimates

Our knowledgeable team will take a look at your property and give you a clear and transparent guide to what your project will entail and what it will cost.

Instead of shocking our customers with unexpected fees, we'll be thorough and honest so you know what to expect.

Top-Notch Materials

Using high-quality materials in electrical work helps ensure that there won't be any subsequent repairs and prevents faultiness from the get-go.  Additionally, it is much safer for you and your loved ones to have the best of the best when it comes to electricity.

We use the highest quality products on the market, so you can rest assured knowing your charger will last you for the long haul.

Why Get a Professional EV/Tesla Charger Installation?

With our long history in energy efficiency, Energy Shield is New Hampshire's trusted EV charger installer. Our comprehensive installation services guarantee the finest quality and a seamless customer experience at every stage, from transparent estimates to continuous assistance. Here's why you should skip the DIY and call the professionals for your EV charger installation:

Higher-Quality Charger

Chargers that come with electric vehicles are often Level 1.These are much slower to charge, getting about 30-50 miles out of an overnight charge and taking 24 hours to charge empty to full. With a professional, you can install a Level 2 charger, which can fully charge a typical EV in up to 8 hours.

Safe Electrical Work

Doing electrical work on your own can be very unsafe if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s very important for your home’s property value and your family’s safety that all electrical work- including that of your EV charger- is expertly done.

Easier For You

Many enjoy DIY projects, but EV or Tesla charger installation is a tough one. You don’t want to worry about possibly making a mistake and not being able to commute to work as a result. Simplify your life by contacting the professionals at Energy Shield!

More Bang For Your Buck

With a great charger, great electrical work, and a stress-free experience, you’ll get the most out of your money. By working with professionals, you’ll save yourself from many headaches, including unsafe electrical work or not being able to charge your vehicle.

The Energy Shield Advantage

Regardless of how big or small your energy-efficiency project is, our qualified and skilled team will make every effort to ensure that it lasts for many years to come. With a free inspection and estimate, we'll take care of your needs. When it's time for repairs, we'll give you exceptional customer support and do the work with the best materials available. Contact us right away to schedule a FREE EV charger consultation!


Our Happy Clients

"We had a wonderful experience with Energy Shield of NH. From start to finish these guys were professional, personable and people I would have to my home again without hesitation. A+ work from a company I can recommend wholeheartedly."
Adam D.
"My experience with Energy Shield was amazing. This family owned business, showed Integrity, professionalism and very competitive pricing. In 6.5 hours my roof was completed and It looks amazing! Thank you, Nick and Josh"
Lisa G.

Energy Shield’s EV Charger Installation Process


We will take a look at your electrical setup to determine how to conduct your EV charger installation project. During this step, we’ll work out the details of the best location for your charger and the best charger for your unique needs.


Our estimate will detail our plans for your installation, and what you can expect to pay. We don’t surprise our clients with hidden costs; instead, we’ll be comprehensive and upfront so you know what to anticipate.


At Energy Shield, we give you efficiency and attention to detail. We use the best tools and customer service to complete your EV charger installation. We conduct smooth and timely installations with no mess left behind.


The best contractors always stick around to check their work. We’ll do a final inspection to confirm the job satisfies our high standards of excellence in order to guarantee you’re getting the best of the best.

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At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we have worked with homeowners on improving energy efficiency both inside and outside of their homes for more than 40 years. We are a family-run company that values forming enduring relationships with clients and increasing the beauty of their homes. Repeat customers, recommendations from home and business owners, and the Better Business Bureau have all praised our work. 

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