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Energy Prices Rising: How to Fight Back by Going Solar in NH

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It’s disheartening for many New Hampshire residents to see energy prices rising. If you’re feeling defeated by big monthly bills, you might want to consider making an investment in solar panels for your home. The economic benefits of solar energy are numerous, as are specific New Hampshire solar incentives. What’s more, is that there are plenty of New Hampshire solar installers who can tailor a system that fits your specific needs.

Here’s how to fight those energy prices rising and safeguard yourself from paying too much by going solar!

Why are Energy Prices Rising?

There’s always a multitude of reasons for energy prices rising, and they vary year to year and country to country. The most recent spike in energy prices in the USA is due to an increase in demand and decrease in supply.

One reason for that decrease in supply may be new “net zero” emissions climate policies, according to a Wall Street Journal article. Limited fossil fuel use lowers its supply, which raises the price. For a lot of people, making the switch to cleaner energy is out of the budget. This is why there’s a big push to make green energy more accessible and affordable.

Solar energy is constantly innovating to do just that. In fact, solar panels are 100 times less expensive than they were in the 1970s. One big reason it’s becoming increasingly more affordable is tax incentives.

New Hampshire Solar Incentives

energy prices rising? Here are the economic benefits of solar energy. New Hampshire solar incentives and New Hampshire solar installers make it possible to go solar.

The first big incentive you can get when you go solar is the Solar Investment Tax Credit. Once you’ve installed your system, on your next tax filing you can get 26% of installation costs back. If you spent $20,000, you’d save $5,200, bringing your total investment down to $14,800.

As for New Hampshire solar incentives, the Residential Renewable Electrical Generation Rebate Program can save you $200 per kilowatt up to $1,000 or 30% off your energy bills (the lower of the two).

Over 80 New Hampshire towns don’t make you pay property taxes for the value the solar energy system adds to your home.

If you work with great New Hampshire solar installers, you can make sure you qualify for the incentives before you install!

More Economic Benefits of Solar Energy

Other than the tax incentives, there are many other economic benefits of solar energy. When energy prices are rising, you’ll be able to combat them with all the savings solar power brings. Your New Hampshire solar installers may even offer financing options that help you cut the initial cost.

  • Most residential solar panels qualify for net metering programs. With net metering, any power you don’t use gets sent back into the grid each month. You’ll get credit that offsets your electric bills for that power. On beautiful and sunny spring days, you might not need to turn on lights or heating/cooling systems. But you’ll still be generating power all day that can go towards future bills. Imagine the savings!
  • Your property value will increase, so if you’re ever looking to sell your home in the future, you’ll be able to sell at a higher price.
  • Not only do great solar panels last decades, but they’ll protect your roof from the elements, extending its lifespan as well. This can save you from expensive total roof replacements!
  • You’ll save money on energy bills for so many reasons. The panels will keep the house cooler in the summer by absorbing all the heat. The sun’s rays are free and bountiful, so you’ll always have an energy source for your home.

Yes, Solar Panels Work in NH Weather!

energy prices rising? Here are the economic benefits of solar energy. New Hampshire solar incentives and New Hampshire solar installers make it possible to go solar.

Many fret over whether the cold, cloudy, rainy, or snowy days will block their solar power. However, there’s still more than enough solar energy in New Hampshire winters. Sun can still get through snow, and it melts faster on solar panels. Summer sunlight is no stronger than winter sunlight, so don’t let the cold temperatures fool you!

Those chilly temps actually help make up for the shorter days that bring less sunlight. In the cold, electrons have a lower energy, and high-energy sunlight changes the voltage dramatically, bringing a big boost of power. So rain or shine, your panels will always bring you power!

How Do I Find Out How Much Money Solar will Save Me?

We frequently discuss the significant energy bill savings that solar power provides. It might be challenging to estimate your ROI when you’re thinking about buying solar panels for your house or business. Fortunately, our NH solar energy cost calculator is available to assist you in determining the size of a solar energy system that would meet your goals for a bill reduction.

A few factors are taken into consideration with our special solar calculator. Your property type, typical monthly expenses, daily sunlight hours, and offset percentage goal all affect your result. The calculator produces a ballpark estimate of system wattage using that data.

Of course, other factors such as your home’s orientation, roof pitch, and shading will all affect the size of the system you’ll require. We evaluate these factors for a more precise solar estimate during your free, no-obligation examination.

How Does the Solar Power Calculator Work?

After entering your property type (residential or commercial), your average monthly electric bill, average daily sunlight hours (which can be found here), and bill offset goals, you’ll get a result in kW.

The more kW, the bigger the system would be.  The actual size you wind up with will depend on your budget, the amount of energy you need to pay your basic expenses, how much you want to maximize ROI, and how much roof space you have available. 

You’ll be able to nail these specifics if you connect with a reliable solar provider. At Energy Shield, we always work with you to identify the best cost-effective choice that results in substantial energy savings.

Energy Shield of New Hampshire: Solar Installers for 40+ Years

Here at Energy Shield, we’ve been creating energy-efficient homes for over 40 years. Solar is our specialty, and we make sure your system is effective, affordable, and brings you a great return on investment. We offer free inspections and estimates, so you can start your solar journey today!

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