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With technology evolving and becoming more prevalent in our lives, homeowners are more in need of an electrical service upgrade than ever.

This is because your home breaker panel should be able to meet your power needs. This is important because it’s unsafe to use more power than your panel can handle. 

At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we perform exceptional electrical service upgrades. Looking to modernize your electrical system and upgrade to 200 amp service? We have you covered.

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Over 4 Decades in Energy Service

We have been creating energy-efficient homes for over 40 years. We have a lot of expertise in installing solar panels and doing electrical repairs. Also, having top-notch electrical work in your home is always crucial. You can maintain a secure house and save money on energy with our assistance.

Estimates & Inspections Free of Charge

Our knowledgeable staff will assess your property and provide you with a precise estimate of the project's scope and cost. Instead of presenting our clients with unexpected costs, we'll be thorough and honest and work with you to find your most cost-effective solution.

Top of The Line Quality

High-quality supplies make it more likely that there won't be a need for any future repairs and that problems can be stopped in their tracks. Overall, you and your loved ones are safer when your house's electrical system is as good as it can be. We only use the best equipment available, so you can be sure that your electrical service will last you for a very long time.

Why Upgrade to 200 Amp Service?

It's important to get an electrical service upgrade to 200 amp service, especially if you have a lower amperage panel. The typical older home is equipped with a 100 amp panel. Some even have panels with as low as 60 amps. Even with a 100 amp system, with typical energy usage habits, you're likely maxing out your panel. Here are all the benefits you'll see from upgrading your electrical service:

Meet Building Codes

Your electrical panel’s amperage rating must satisfy your home’s electrical needs and adhere to regional building codes. A 200 amp panel is often required to comply with residential building requirements. 

The size of your house, the number of appliances, and other things can all affect the amperage you need. At Energy Shield, we can help you navigate what you’ll need to stay within code in your specific area of New Hampshire.

Increase Home Value

The infrastructure of your home can benefit greatly from an electrical panel upgrade, which can also raise the value of your home if you ever decide to sell it.

More Energy-Efficient and Conducive to Solar Energy

A 200 amp panel can handle more electrical current because it has a higher capacity than a smaller panel. It’s less susceptible to voltage drops, meaning it works more efficiently than an older system. 

The ability to add more circuits and electrical appliances to your home also makes it simpler to integrate a solar panel system. With solar energy, your savings will multiply and you’ll be more eco-friendly while keeping more money in your pocket each month.

Keeps Your Home Safe

Overloaded or obsolete electrical panels can be dangerous, increasing the chance of electrical shocks or fires. Your home’s risk of electrical mishaps decreases when you switch to a newer, larger panel with updated wiring and circuit breakers. An upgrade to 200 amp service, for example, is a great goal with modern energy usage.

The Energy Shield Advantage

No matter how big or small your home renovation project is, our skilled and experienced staff will do everything possible to make sure it lasts for many years. Your needs will be met with a free inspection and quote from us. When it's time for repairs, we will treat you with the utmost respect and complete the task with the best materials available. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary electrical service upgrade consultation!


Our Happy Clients

"We had a wonderful experience with Energy Shield of NH. From start to finish these guys were professional, personable and people I would have to my home again without hesitation. A+ work from a company I can recommend wholeheartedly."
Adam D.
"My experience with Energy Shield was amazing. This family owned business, showed Integrity, professionalism and very competitive pricing. In 6.5 hours my roof was completed and It looks amazing! Thank you, Nick and Josh"
Lisa G.

Problems With a Maxed-Out Panel

Fire Risk

A maxed-out electrical system causes heat to grow in your walls and increases your risk of an electrical fire. It’s no secret that electrical fires are dangerous and wreak havoc on a home, so getting an electrical service upgrade is a fantastic line of defense.

Shock Danger

On top of fires, another danger that arises from faulty electrical systems is shocks. An overworked and outdated panel can quickly become dangerous. Your older panel may not meet the up-to-date criteria required of newer electrical systems. The best way to avoid this danger is by upgrading to a 200 amp service.

Electrical Issues

You might find that you frequently trip breakers or can’t operate several appliances at once if your house is older or has an electrical panel with a lower amperage. You might also experience buzzing sounds, flickering lights, and blown fuses.

The best way to increase your electrical capacity is by switching to a 200 amp panel, which will enable you to operate more devices and appliances without taxing your system.

Hard to Add Circuits

If you want to add more circuits onto your breaker, a panel with lower amperage will typically not have enough room to do so. This is because it’s reached its capacity and is maxed-out as far as circuits go.

You can add new circuits for things like home extensions, new appliances, or extra lights and outlets with a 200 amp panel because it often has more slots for circuit breakers.

FAQs About Electrical Service Upgrade

By 1950, the typical 30-amp panel doubled and a 60-amp became customary. Circuit breakers soon followed, which are now typical in residences. If your breaker is older, it’s likely a 100-amp service. Even if you live in an apartment or small home, many insurance companies prefer a minimum of 100-amp service.

However, 100-amp service may be too low in many cases. If you use electric heat, central air, large appliances, and/or have a home over 2,000 square feet, you may need a 200 amp service.

If you are experiencing any electrical problems whatsoever, it’s important to get in touch with a professional to diagnose the issue. You may need an electrical service upgrade if you’re dealing with tripped breakers and any other symptoms of overload.

If you’re not dealing with electrical issues, you still might want to seek out an upgrade, especially if you’re planning on installing solar panels, getting a new major appliance, or adding on to your home.

You also may want to seek upgrades if you find yourself needing to rely on power strips or unplug appliances before you plug in others. If your panel is manufactured by Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric, you’ll need to switch, as these brands are known to have faulty and dangerous products.

Our experienced electricians can help you navigate this and let you know if your system is due for an upgrade and what your options are.

The cost of upgrading from 100 to 200 amp service ranges from $1,300-$3,000 on average.

With Energy Shield of New Hampshire, the answer is yes! We are a one-stop shop for roofing, solar, and electrical needs. Major home renovations can be stressful, and we’re here to relieve that stress by providing high-quality services that all tie into each other.

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Electrical service upgrade, Upgrade electrical service, Upgrade to 200 amp service, Cost to upgrade to 200 amp service, Cost of upgrading to 200 amp service
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