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Drafts, Broken Hardware, Rising Energy Bills – Oh My

Installing new gray siding on home

Your windows serve an important purpose in your home. Not only do they provide you with natural light, they also allow the passage of air between your home and the outdoors which directly impacts the cost of your home’s energy bills. This means experiencing a draft or having a window that won’t open or stays open – even the tiniest bit – just won’t do.

When you call us, an experienced member of our team will:

  • get some basic details about the issue(s) you’re experiencing
  • schedule a time to come out an inspect your windows for further assessment
  • if there is an interest to have more than one window replaced, gather additional information during the visual inspection regarding how well all of the windows in your home have been functioning overall
  • provide a suggested solution and a written estimate that details the work to be completed
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