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Roof inspection

How can I inspect my own roofing system?

Most homeowners (myself included) start to answer the question of do I need to replace my roofing system when there is a clear problem. Well, this thought is actually the best way to inspect and decide whether your roofing system is failing, and in need of replacement. If you know what to look for, which

Installing new gray siding on home

Drafts, Broken Hardware, Rising Energy Bills – Oh My

Your windows serve an important purpose in your home. Not only do they provide you with natural light, they also allow the passage of air between your home and the outdoors which directly impacts the cost of your home’s energy bills. This means experiencing a draft or having a window that won’t open or stays open – even the tiniest bit – just won’t do.

Front view of new home with new siding

Maintenance & Rising Energy Costs

Don’t want to spend the time & money required anymore to maintain your home’s wood siding? Has it become impossible to ignore the correlation between slacking on the maintenance and the rise in your energy bills? Not to worry; we’ve got a vast selection of energy efficient vinyl siding options that are easy to maintain.

Front view of house with new roof

Does My Home Really Look Like That?

How many times has this happened to you? You turn onto your street, make your way up your driveway, and suddenly find yourself avoiding eye contact with your home’s exterior – or worse yet, find yourself making excuses for its lack luster appearance to first time visitors. And though you know that rationally you should