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Aggressive hard closings at your table

man and woman near table

We’ve encountered quite a few clients recently that have had extremely negative experiences with roofing contractors that have forced a hard close at their kitchen table. Now, don’t get me wrong Energy Shield of New Hampshire is in the business of selling metal and shingle roofing systems to homeowners, but we do not use hard closing tactics.

Why are hard closing tactics a red flag? 

What we are seeing most recently at Energy Shield of New Hampshire is that these tactics are being used to lock homeowners into astronomical price gouging contracts.  We have seen pricing doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling of what we charge homeowners for a brand new roofing system.

We want the homeowners of New Hampshire to be aware of these tactics and the reason they are used.

Energy Shield of New Hampshire seeks to ensure that all of our customers are confident in the services they are about to pay for, which sometimes takes consideration. For these reasons Energy Shield of New Hampshire has become one of the most trusted roofing contractors in New Hampshire.

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