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4 Home Energy-Saving Tips Guaranteed to Slash Your Energy Costs

home energy-saving tips: use solar power in NH

These days, you might react to news of rising energy costs with a “tell me something I don’t know.” But you’re in luck- there are still ways to take matters into your own hands. These home energy-saving tips range from simple habits to bigger investments like solar power in NH.

1. Practice Good AC Habits This Summer

home energy-saving tips

The EIA estimates that 12% of average household utility expenses are from air conditioning. As the days get hotter, there are plenty of home energy-saving tips that help you avoid tiring out your AC.

The closer the thermostat is to the actual outdoor temperature, the lower your bills will be. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting the thermostat to 78 degrees. Programmable thermostats can set timers to keep it warmer at night or when you’re out of the house.

Consider utilizing ceiling fans and opening windows. Ceiling fans only make it feel cooler, so don’t leave them on in unused rooms.

Additionally, you’ll want to identify the appliances that are running up your energy bills and overworking your AC. These can be lights, ovens, dishwashers, dryers, and more. Only use what you really need!

2. Mind Your Lights

Use solar power in NH to save energy

“Don’t forget to turn the lights off!” we’ve probably all been nagged while leaving a room. Lighting in your home can account for 15% of your monthly bills, so being frugal with lighting can greatly influence your energy costs. Taking advantage of natural light whenever you can and only using the light you need is one of the best home energy-saving tips.

Energy-efficient bulbs are also a great move. By switching from incandescent lighting to LED, you can save about $225 a year, based on averages. This is one of the easiest ways to save on your energy bills. When done on top of better light-using habits, you’ll see that bill do the limbo.

3. Check Your Insulation

home energy-saving tips

While cooling takes up about 12% of the average household energy bill, heating takes up 29%. Since HVAC systems use so much energy, it’s imperative to have proper insulation that helps them run efficiently.

There are multiple checkpoints in your home that seal it from the outside air:

Your doors. Make sure there are no gaps in the frame and use weather stripping to keep it sealed.

Windows. Treatments on windows can save you up to 25% on your heating and cooling.

Basement Foundation. Cracks in the foundation let air in. Expanding foam can combat this.

Your Roof. If you’re feeling cold drafts in your home, a roof repair or replacement might do the trick. Your roof is the primary shield your home has from the elements. Over time, a roof loses protective qualities, so it’s worth it to get a free checkup: we offer them here at Energy Shield.

4. Take Advantage of Solar Power in NH

Use solar power in NH to save energy

Using solar power in NH is one of the best home energy-saving tips. From tax incentives to net metering programs, your solar panels can end up paying you in the long run. Sunlight is free and it comes every day, so it’s very stress-relieving to know that it’s never going to have a price that can keep on rising (hello, fossil fuels!)

There are lots of solar tax incentives you might qualify for that can cut installation costs, raise your property value, and lower your energy bills.

Net metering plans are available for most household solar panels. These plans allow you to send whatever power you don’t use back into the grid in exchange for credit toward your utility costs.

Solar panels not only survive for decades, but they also protect your roof from the elements, extending its life. This can help you avoid costly roof replacements! They also absorb heat, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer.

Going solar can protect you from ever-rising energy costs, saving you money and stress in the long run. At Energy Shield of New Hampshire, we’ve been creating energy-efficient homes for over 40 years.

You can use our solar calculator to see how much you can offset your energy bills with solar energy. We also provide free solar consultations that give you an easy start. Chat with us today to begin your solar journey!

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