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Should I purchase a metal roof or shingle roof?

This is one of the most common questions we receive from homeowners. “Should I go metal or shingle?” In this article I’m going to spell out the pros and cons of a metal roofing system VS. a shingle roofing system. 

First off the pros of a metal roofing system

Benefits of metal

  • Metal lasts longer 
  • Snow melts easier
  • Less likely to ice damn (No more having to shovel or rake your roof)
  • There are Energy Star Efficiency 

Now, shingle benefits

So the main deciding factors are price and look. Are you planning to live in your home for the next 40+ years? Metal’s probably the best idea. 

Metal used to be the “best roofing system” but as they are innovating the shingle game shingles are becoming more and more durable. 

Installation pros and cons

A metal roofing installation can have a manufacturer’s warranty installed over 1 layer of shingles whereas shingles cannot have a manufacturer’s warranty unless installed direct to plywood (obviously over waterproofing). 

So the question of should I go metal or shingle for my new roofing system all boils down to price, look, and longevity. 

I personally like the fact that metal has no maintenance as far as New England weather is concerned. Ice damming is a real problem when snow piles up on roofing systems. So metal is an easy solution to not have to worry about snow or ice damming again. 

Residential Homeowners Residential Roofing

How much does a new roof cost?

I have to start buying sharing ….. YES material costs have gone way up over the last year. Metal and shingle prices have gone up about 12% in the last year. 

With that said let’s discuss all of the factors that go into our roofing estimation process.  

The most obvious is the size of your roofing system. How big of a house are you seeking to protect. A term you will hear in roofing is a square (sq). One sq in roofing means a 100 square feet of your roof. So, let’s say you have a 2400 sq foot house. We take the 2400 square feet and divide it by 100. You have a 24 sq roof. This is the amount of space we price. In today’s market 1 sq could get quotes anywhere from $525 per all the way up to $750 per sq for a shingle roofing system. Now what goes into this math? 

The size, the pitch of your roof (how difficult is it to walk, the pitch increases the difficulty of completing the work. How many skylights, chimneys, and pipes are on your roof? Yes, these all take more time to do correctly to ensure they do not leak. 

How many valleys, or separations are in your roofing system. In roofing terms this is called “chopped up”. Each new section or valley takes additional waterproofing. 

In conclusion, and to fully answer the opening question the sq pricing is based off the cost of underlayment, shingles, capping, ridge vent, flashing, chimney flashing, pipe boots, and the actual labor installation costs. In addition you have dumpster fees, gas, & insurance. The per sq estimate is based on all of these factors. Feel free to take a look at the total protection roofing system here. This will give a much better idea of the installation process.

Now some companies jack the pricing up based on how busy they are, we do not do that. We have a formula that works for our business and that’s what we stick to. 

If your next question is “Should I go metal or shingle on my new roofing system” click HERE to read about the pros and cons. 

If you have questions that are not answered feel free to contact us. 

Residential Homeowners

Is Home Advisor or Angie’s List a good resource for homeowners?

Why New Hampshire homeowners should be cautious of using these “services” 

I could very easily make this article a 3 word answer. DON’T USE THEM.

But that wouldn’t be helpful to you, the homeowner. So, let me give you a breakdown of how Home Advisor and Angie’s List or now known as Angi actually works (or doesn’t work as you are about to learn). 

You the homeowner do a search on your computer “Roofing companies near me”.

At the top of your search you find Home Advisor and right below them Angi, right below them YELP. How did they get there? They pay a lot of money to be at the “top”. 

So you do what most of us do on the internet you click, you fill out their form inquiring about roofing companies in your area. This marks the beginning of what I refer to as the ticket scalping of the service industry. You know the shady individuals that stand out front of TD Garden hollering about the tickets they have for sale. 

Well, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, and all of their cousins are outside the stadium. Except they have 1 ticket, YOU and they’ve photo copied your information and are prepared to sell 10 copies. You may not even be ready to purchase a roof, you may have just started your research. They don’t care. They’ve already started screaming “Roof for sale, roof for sale”. 

Here is what happens on the backend of you putting your information in these systems. 

Energy Shield of New Hampshire is signed up with Home Advisor to receive “leads” from them. So are 10 other companies in your service areas. You would think that Home Advisor would only share/sell your information to one company, us. 

NOPE, they’ve got 10 tickets printed and they are going to sell all 10. That’s right. Home Advisor, Angi, Yelp, and all their cousins sell your information to as many individuals that will buy it. These companies pay between $40-$160 for your contact information. 

There is no vetting done to ensure these contractors are reputable. As long as they can pay for your information, Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, and all the others will throw your information all over the place. 

Yes, in the past we used such services to acquire new business. What we encountered was frustrated homeowners that normally don’t want to talk to us let alone have their roof inspected. These homeowners were in the beginning stages of conducting their research. 

With all of this shared the recommendation for New Hampshire homeowners is to conduct your own research. 

Start with a Google search 

Roofing companies near me” 

Here is Energy Shield of New Hampshire’s Google profile so you can see what they look like. 

Be aware of any postings that have “AD” in front of it. This means they, like Home Advisor, Angi, Yelp, and all their cousins are paying to be there. 

Look at their Google reviews, click to their website and go through it. Look through several and make your own contacts to the ones you want to use.