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Month: June 2021

man and woman near table

Aggressive hard closings at your table

We’ve encountered quite a few clients recently that have had extremely negative experiences with roofing contractors that have forced a hard close at their kitchen table. Now, don’t get me wrong Energy Shield of New Hampshire is in the business of selling metal and shingle roofing systems to homeowners, but we do not use hard

Chuck in a truck

Homeowners need to avoid “Chuck in a truck”

One thing Energy Shield of New Hampshire is the most proud of being a preferred New Hampshire roofing & siding contractor is NONE of our team drinks on the job, and to go a little further we don’t drink period. Why did I start this off by sharing that? Well, because roofing and siding contractors

Skylights Leaking

Why is my skylight leaking?

Anything installed into your roofing system needs to be sealed properly. Energy Shield of New Hampshire is answering a lot of calls from worried homeowners across New Hampshire. Among these calls are a list of customers with leaky skylights. Why is my skylight leaking? Well, there are several factors that Energy Shield of New Hampshire

Roof inspection

How can I inspect my own roofing system?

Most homeowners (myself included) start to answer the question of do I need to replace my roofing system when there is a clear problem. Well, this thought is actually the best way to inspect and decide whether your roofing system is failing, and in need of replacement. If you know what to look for, which