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Aggressive hard closings at your table

We’ve encountered quite a few clients recently that have had extremely negative experiences with roofing contractors that have forced a hard close at their kitchen table. Now, don’t get me wrong Energy Shield of New Hampshire is in the business of selling metal and shingle roofing systems to homeowners, but we do not use hard closing tactics.

Why are hard closing tactics a red flag? 

What we are seeing most recently at Energy Shield of New Hampshire is that these tactics are being used to lock homeowners into astronomical price gouging contracts.  We have seen pricing doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling of what we charge homeowners for a brand new roofing system

We want the homeowners of New Hampshire to be aware of these tactics and the reason they are used. 

Energy Shield of New Hampshire seeks to ensure that all of our customers are confident in the services they are about to pay for, which sometimes takes consideration. For these reasons Energy Shield of New Hampshire has become one of the most trusted roofing contractors in New Hampshire.

Residential Roofing

Homeowners need to avoid “Chuck in a truck”

One thing Energy Shield of New Hampshire is the most proud of being a preferred New Hampshire roofing & siding contractor is NONE of our team drinks on the job, and to go a little further we don’t drink period. 

Why did I start this off by sharing that? Well, because roofing and siding contractors collectively have earned a reputation of being a bunch of drunks. As the market continues to flourish so do those that want to be their own boss. We’ve experienced a few employees that did not fit our company culture launch their own “business” after termination. Now 100s of terminated or resentful employees think they have what it takes. 

With a booming housing market comes a booming opportunity for anyone with a ladder rack on their truck to start a roofing company. Now I’m not saying all that start out will be bad at what they do, but you need to know how to spot red flags. 

No one wants to experience the coveted (by no one) brake light warranty. Meaning the last time you will ever see or hear from them is when they are collecting final payment. 

Yes, their price may be cheaper than others. They are usually fast talking, hard closing hacks. Yes, there are Chucks with several trucks. 

Some vetting questions: 

What warranty do you offer on your work? 

(Yes, there are varying warranties. We have worked to earn the right to offer extended warranties)

What is the process? This is how a shingle system should be installed here

Do you have references we can call? 

(When customers ask for this it makes me so happy. Every homeowner should do this level of research on who they are about to pay $1000’s to).

These are just a few strategies to avoid hiring Chuck and keeping his truck(s) out of your driveway.

Residential Roofing

Why is my skylight leaking?

Anything installed into your roofing system needs to be sealed properly. Energy Shield of New Hampshire is answering a lot of calls from worried homeowners across New Hampshire. Among these calls are a list of customers with leaky skylights. 

Why is my skylight leaking? Well, there are several factors that Energy Shield of New Hampshire applies to a skylight install when entrusted by homeowners as their roofing contractor. 

#1 is the proper weather protection down on the decking before the install? To learn more take a look at the proper install page HERE

#2 is the skylight flashed properly? Flashing a skylight, a chimney or any other interruption in the roofing system needs to be properly flashed aka as sealed. If it is not when rain comes, leaks will come. To inspect your home for leaks be sure to check out our homeowner inspection guide

#3 is that your skylight is old. The gaskets have worn out, the sealant has cracked, or the skylight is broken. Many homeowners want to keep their skylights when having their roofing system replaced to cut costs. Often times after educating the homeowner on the importance of keeping the integrity of the roofing system strong they decided that a few hundred dollars is worth the replacement of their skylights. 

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us by phone or email…

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Residential Roofing

How can I inspect my own roofing system?

Most homeowners (myself included) start to answer the question of do I need to replace my roofing system when there is a clear problem. Well, this thought is actually the best way to inspect and decide whether your roofing system is failing, and in need of replacement. 

If you know what to look for, which we have outlined in our Home Owner Roofing System Inspection Guide for homeowners to inspect their roofing system easily.

A few tell tale signs from the outside of your home: 

  • Are pieces of shingle falling off my roof? 
  • Shingles are missing
  • Spacing between metal
  • Moss growing on the shingles (sign of moisture)

What to look for from the inside: 

  • Wet spots on your interior ceilings 
  • Dark spots on the plywood or roofing boards in your attic
  • Light shining through to the outside in your attic

And if you want to see the full list be sure to go and grab our free Homeowner Inspection Guide outlining how Energy Shield of New Hampshire inspects roofing systems. 

Do these things mean you need a new roof? No, not necessarily. Sometimes leaks can be caused by poorly installed skylights. The wind may have blown shingles off. 

Or it can mean a poor install. Yes, not all roofing companies are equal. “Chuck in a Truck” as we call them can give you a much cheaper estimate on your roof…… if he shaves off a proper roofing system install, uses a cheaper product, and a list of other shortcuts to minimize the cost to you and maximize his profits.

Some homeowners just want to spruce the place up with a new look. 

Then you have overall appearance. Does it look bad? Are you trying to give the exterior of your home a make over? 

Regardless of the reasons you are looking into a new roofing system, we are here to help. We will make sure you have all your questions answered, a roofing system that is properly installed, and customer service that tramples all surrounding companies. 

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