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10 Things to Expect When Getting Your Roof Replaced

A roofing replacement is no small project on your home. Although a great company will take care of all the hefty work, there are ways you can prepare to make sure everything goes well. Here’s what to expect when getting your roof replaced.

10 Roofing Replacement Tips

1. Expect to Clear the Area

Before getting a roofing replacement, it’s important to make sure the area is clear so the contractors can move around as safely and efficiently as possible.

You’ll want to move your car to a spot away from your garage and driveway before anyone shows up. They need space for their vehicles and materials, and you don’t want to block them. Even if you’re not planning on using your car all day, the garage is a bad idea because nails and granules can drop through the uninsulated roof, possibly scratching your car in the process.

Other than the car, you’ll want to remove any yard decorations and furniture and move it under shelter. You can put these in the garage and throw a tarp over them, for example. During construction, it’s normal for debris to fall at times, and you don’t want it to damage one of your belongings.

10 roofing replacement tips: what to expect when getting your roof replaced
2. Give Neighbors a Heads Up

One thing you can expect when getting your roof replaced is noise. It’s good to warn your neighbors ahead of time that you’re getting a roof replacement and there might be a disturbance.

Depending on how close your neighbors are located to you, there might be some debris coming into their yard. Giving your neighbors a heads up will allow them to move their car and shield or move anything they want to keep safe in their yards. Your neighbors can also give the roofers more leeway to protect and clean up any areas needed on their property.

3. Locate Outlets Contractors Can Use

Your roofers will often use tools that need power. Prepare to find exterior outlets, garage outlets, or indoor outlets near their workspace. You’ll also want to test these outlets to make sure they work so that the roofing replacement process doesn’t delay.

4. Mark Any Obstacles You Can’t Move

For any obstacles or belongings you can’t move out of the way, it’s important to mark them and notify the contractors to keep them safe. That could range from outdoor plants you want to keep untouched to in-ground sprinklers roofers could trip over. If you make sure to mark these things in some way and give your contractors a heads up, they’ll be happy to take extra care.

5. Prevent Mess Indoors

A roof installation is a hefty job, so a bit of vibration throughout the home is normal. The best way to prepare for this is to identify what you need to secure, take down, or move. This can be wall art, cabinets, china, and any other glass items.

The attic is directly under the roof, so it’s the most likely to shake and gather dust. It’s helpful to move the fragile and important items downstairs and put some tarps down so it’s easy to clean. As we mentioned before, the garage is also more vulnerable. Make sure to cover or move any valuables that sit in the garage as well.

Your roofers will place boards over your windows while they tear off your old roof to protect them from scratching, so expect to close and secure those too.

6. Prepare Children & Pets

Children and pets can be extra sensitive to loud noises, and it’s not a good idea for them to be around the yard while so much construction is happening. Prepare to keep your pets inside and calm. Make sure your children understand to be mindful of any potential dangers.

If staying at home isn’t an option, you can use a kennel service for your pets. It might also be a good idea for your children to stay at their grandparent’s house, for example. It’s no worry if you want to stay with your kids- just make sure the roofing company has your phone number.

7. Yard Work

Mowing your lawn so the grass is nice and short is one of the most important things to do before a roofing replacement. Debris is something you can expect when getting your roof replaced. It’s easier for roofers to clean up a flatter lawn. Your roofers will leave zero mess, as long as they can clearly see everything they need to pick up.

8. Know What To Expect When Getting Your Roof Replaced

During the construction process, be careful and mindful of the little things. There will be cords and tripping hazards around. You’ll want to know which parts of your home are unsafe to exit.

You also want to keep an ongoing communication with your family, neighbors, and your roofing company to make sure everyone is doing well. Your contractors will make sure to tell you if there’s anything else you can do to make the process go swimmingly.

9. Be There At Cleanup

If you can, it’s great to be there as your roofers finish up. Your roofers will do a thorough cleanup and should leave no mess behind. There are many companies, like us here at Energy Shield, who always do a full inspection after finishing a roofing project. After you see the new roof, if you see anything you have questions or concerns about, don’t hesitate to call the company. A great company will be more than happy to perfect the job.

10. Form a Relationship

If you loved the service you got, let your contractor know! Forming a great relationship with your roofing company will make it easier to keep your home performing at its best as the years go by. You’ll know who to call and who to trust every single time.

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