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#1 Choice For Commercial Roofing Services in New Hampshire

If you’re looking for commercial roofing in New Hampshire, the variety of commercial roofer options can be overwhelming. Great commercial roofing services come from a company that connects to its customer base. Here at Energy Shield of New Hampshire, that happens to be our motto: relationships over profit always!

Commercial Roofing in New Hampshire: Common Customer Pain Points

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It’s normal to worry about some things before receiving commercial roofing services. There are certain pain points that roofing customers experience when working with a bad company. These include poor communication and messy work. Here’s how Energy Shield prevents these all-too-common problems:

  • Phone communication: When you’ve got a problem, you don’t want to wait a long time for a response from your commercial roofer. We respond to most phone calls immediately, and the rest within a couple of hours. We understand that the property management company experiences extra hassle and phone calls when there’s an issue.
  • Prompt problem-solving: We make phone communication a priority, which promotes prompt problem-solving. The sooner we solve your issues, the easier the job is for you. We value your relationship with us, so we do everything we can to make the roofing experience simple and smooth.
  • Leadership and quality: We always have leadership on-site at every commercial project. A decision-maker is there 100% of the time to monitor the work. This ensures all our commercial roofing services meet the absolute highest standard of quality.
  • No mess left behind: Our collaboration with local dumpster companies makes for a smoother experience. We arrange the best placement and movement of dumpsters for the people who live on or near the property. Our team leaves zero mess behind, so you can get back to business immediately after a job well done.

Don’t Just Consider Price in a Bid With Your Commercial Roofer

Affordable pricing is definitely not the only factor that goes into winning a commercial bid. You have a budget and are looking for the best price, however, you want the best work you can get. As you may already know, cheaper prices don’t correlate to better commercial roofing services.

If you’re offered a price that seems very low, it’s important to question why it’s so low. A cheap price almost always means cheap materials, cheap labor, and a poor or non-existent warranty. Energy Shield uses a licensed and talented team and offers high-quality materials for a variety of budgets. We also offer warranties that keep you covered for the long run.

How Commercial Roofing Services Work at Energy Shield

  • We follow through. When it comes to phone calls and any other communication, we respond in a prompt and friendly manner. Our team is overseen and trained to uphold high installation standards.

A full inspection comes after every job to ensure it’s well done. You’ll always be able to keep in contact with us with any of your concerns before, during, and after your installation.

  • When things go wrong, we know how to respond. As you may know, commercial roofing projects don’t usually go 100% perfectly. When things don’t go to plan, we respond and fix issues immediately.

We believe what we do should be an industry standard, but unfortunately, it is not. Many companies will put off responding to your problems. Ignoring problems only causes them to get worse, so we always prioritize getting things back on track.

  • We never rush or skimp on projects. It’s all too common these days for commercial roofing companies to do jobs quickly and cheaply, putting quantity over quality. Contrarily, we at Energy Shield of New Hampshire focus on excellent craftsmanship and relationships with our customers.

We go above and beyond because we know a sloppy job benefits no one in the long term. From our decades of experience, we know connecting with our clients and giving them our absolute best is the way to go.

Relationships Over Profit, Always

As mentioned earlier, our motto is relationships over profit always! We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and that is thanks to our strong relationships with both our residential and commercial clients.

Commercial roofing in New Hampshire can be overwhelming and stressful. We at Energy Shield want to make it a friendly experience that runs as smoothly as possible. Schedule your free inspection and estimate today and get to know us as your #1 choice for commercial roofing services in New Hampshire!

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